Marilyn Hartman, a 69-year-old woman who has snuck aboard at least 22 flights, has once again been arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Hartman, who was already awaiting sentencing, violated her probation by being at the airport, attempting to bypass airport security without a passport or a boarding pass.

An alarm connected to Hartman’s ankle bracelet notified police that Hartman had left the residential facility she was ordered to stay in, and she was tracked to the airport and arrested before she could reach any security areas.

According to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Hartman is charged with criminal trespassing and felony escape.

Hartman’s lengthy history of trespassing landing her the title of serial stowaway began in 2014 when she breached airport security and boarded a flight from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.

Since then, she has been involved in numerous similar incidents in Arizona, Minnesota, Chicago, and California, sometimes successfully making it onto aircrafts.

According to Hartman’s lawyer, Parle Roe-Taylor, she may have been triggered by a recent TV news story about her. In the exclusive report, Hartman told CBS2 Chicago, “The first time I was able to get through, I flew to Copenhagen. The second time, I flew into Paris.”

Roe-Taylor said that Hartman suffers from mental health issues.

“She continues to struggle as a homeless person within a system that is not designed to adequately address the mental health issues Ms. Hartman presents.”

“Until this arrest, Ms. Hartman had been stable for the past year and a half, cooperative and without incident. Unfortunately, relapse is part of what happens sometimes during treatment.”

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