According to a study done by Fly Fright, nearly 1 in every 3 Americans has a fear of flying. If you fall within this statistic, then you may want to consider booking your next flight with Virgin Airlines Australia.


The airline recently announced that they are teaming up with the nonprofit Smiling Mind to offer entertainment options in-flight that’ll help passengers cope with flight anxiety.


“We see it every day. Panic attacks … it can be that serious,” Libby Armstrong, public affairs manager for Virgin Australia, told “Traveling is stressful, and I think it’s the lack of control people have about traveling.”


According to Armstrong, passengers have the option to receive assistance tailored to their needs.  They will get extra support with their flight, including specific information on easing flight anxiety and check-ins from flight crews during the flight to make sure passengers are okay.


Sometimes, anxious passengers want to know when the aircraft was last serviced. Others found comfort being assured they wouldn’t be moved from their seat.


The collaboration will also allow passengers a more discrete way of alerting flight crews of their fear.


When purchasing a ticket, passengers can check-off a box to inform flight crews that they are afraid to fly. Upon check-in, passengers will have various options to help them cope with the fear of flying.


“Traveling is stressful, and I think it’s the lack of control people have about traveling,” Armstrong said.  “If we can give back a bit of control, that will make all the difference.”


Smiling Mind Chief Executive Addie Wootten told that sitting on a flight with nothing else to do is the perfect time to focus on mental well-being.


“Often people talk about a flight being their one bit of downtown in the day, so if we can help them cultivate that mindfulness and hopefully end the flight feeling calmer than when they started, that’s a win for us,” she said.