Savor: Red's Flavor Table
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Savor: Red's Flavor Table

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 10, 2019

Experience a bit of New Orleans flavor while in California by visiting Red’s Flavor Table.

With two locations in Inglewood and Los Angeles, it’s a go-to place if you’re in the L.A. area.

Red’s Flavor Table is a black-owned New Orleans style breakfast spot that offering delectable dishes like shrimp and grits, French toast, peach cobbler and other dishes which will have you salivating at the mouth.

The owner, Marilyn Wallace, moved to L.A. from Marksville, Louisiana to pursue her dreams of being an actress — she started cooking as a way to make additional income.

Wallace was on her way home one day and saw an available space for rent when the idea to open a restaurant came to her.

With no prior business or restaurant experience, she jumped in and opened Red’s Flavor Table — named after her red hair and fiery personality.

“My mom was a fantastic cook, so I took some of the things that she use to prepare for us and that’s how I created the menu,” Wallace tells Blavity.

According to Wallace, the most popular dishes are shrimp and grits, salmon croquettes and the shrimp and crab omelette.

She says the most fulfilling part of this business is watching the customers come in and watching the long lines.

Wallace always says,”I’d like to please 99, I’m never going to try to please 100. I’d die trying to do that but if I could get 90 of them…I like that. I like people.”

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