San Francisco Residents May Have To Quarantine For 14 Days If Traveling This Holiday Season
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

San Francisco Residents May Have To Quarantine For 14 Days If Traveling This Holiday Season

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 5, 2020

If you’re a San Francisco resident thinking of traveling this holiday season, you may want to reconsider. Health officials announced, Wednesday, that those traveling outside of the San Francisco area may have to quarantine when returning home–in an effort to combat a spike in COVID-19 cases. 

According to a statement by San Francisco officials, a 14-day quarantine could be enforced for residents who have come in close contact with people from outside of their household while wearing masks. 

Although infection rates in California are lower than in other states, there has been a spike in cases recently. USA TODAY reports that there is less than a 1% positive case rate in San Francisco compared to 3.3% in the state of California. 

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Dr. Matt Willis, the Marin County health officer revealed during a recent public meeting regarding school reopenings, “The last thing we need is people traveling outside to higher prevalence areas and bringing the virus.”

California’s state secretary of health and human services, Dr. Mark Ghaly reveals that California has kept its cases low by pivoting businesses outside and not rushing reopening. 

Dr. Ghaly said in a weekly briefing, “Although we’re seeing some trends up here in California, those trends are modest, steady. We’re watching them closely. I think our approach to keeping as much of our activities outdoors even in the formal business sectors as much as possible has contributed quite a bit to keeping transmission low.”

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