Restaurants and Bars Across The U.S. Close In Effort To Slow Down Coronavirus
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Restaurants and Bars Across The U.S. Close In Effort To Slow Down Coronavirus

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 16, 2020

The dining scene across larger cities in the United States is the latest industry to be impacted by Covid-19.

As the number of cases of the novel coronavirus continues to grow, state and city leaders are taking drastic measures to enforce social distancing, including mandatory curfews and reducing the capacities in public facilities.

Over the weekend, the mayors of Los Angeles and New York ordered that all restaurants and bars close down.   Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that bars and restaurants in NYC will close down Tuesday, March 17, for a to-be-determined period time. In Los Angeles,   the mayor also announced the closure of bars of exceptions.  Both cities, however, will allow takeout and delivery.

Meanwhile, the governors of Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Ohio, have taken similar steps.   All restaurants and bars are closed in all four states, however, carryout and delivery will continue.

In Washington D.C., the mayor has ordered licensed nightclubs to shut down, and asked all eating and drinking establishments to eliminate bar seating.  In Michigan, all casinos are temporarily closed.

The latest moves from states come after the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions new guidelines that say no social gatherings with 50 people or more, including weddings, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, or conferences for the next eight weeks in the United States.

“This recommendation is made in an attempt to reduce the introduction of the virus into new communities,” it said, “and to slow the spread of infection in communities already affected by the virus.”

The latest numbers in the United States show that there are more than 3,500 cases of coronavirus and 65 fatalities so far.

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