Will You Need A Reservation To Visit The Beach This Summer?
Photo Credit: Peathegee Inc | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Peathegee Inc | Getty Images

Will You Need A Reservation To Visit The Beach This Summer?

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin May 12, 2020

Coronavirus will forever change the way we travel. From stricter sanitizing protocols to social distancing requirements, your next vacation may feel like the latest episode of Black Mirror.

One town in Spain will require beachgoers to make a reservation before claiming a spot in the sand, begging the question: is this our new normal?

According to CNN Travel, Canet d’en Berenguer, a Mediterranean town located just north of Valencia, will only allow 5,000 daily sunbathers on its local beach, around half the usual number, in order to maintain social distancing. These spaces will need to be reserved in advance via a mobile phone app.

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“This summer will be very different,” Pere Joan Antoni Chordá, the town’s mayor, tells CNN. “There’ll be more space between your neighbor. Like a ‘business-class’ beach.”

Much like movie theaters, beach visitors can select their reserved spot for a short session. The sections will be designated by nets placed in the sand to create a grid pattern, ensuring sunbathers remain at least 6 feet from each other.

Rendering of social distancing grids on the beach | Photo via Sanxenxo City Hall

Other popular beach destinations in Spain will be implementing similar protocols this summer. Sanxenxo, located in the Galicia region, plans on limiting the number of people allowed on the beach as well as creating a similar grid pattern across the sand to ensure beachgoers keep a safe distance.

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Staff at both beaches also plan on cleaning the beaches more than past summers. Public restrooms will be sanitized regularly and cleaning machines will comb through the sand every morning.

No matter where you plan on traveling this summer, you can expect to experience some changes and restrictions. In the US, the East Coast, including beaches in Delaware, North Carolina, and New Jersey, have plans to also reduce the number of visitors to the beach at one time. Be sure to check local news updates before departing on your summer vacation.

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