You Can Now Renew Your Passport Through An App
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You Can Now Renew Your Passport Through An App

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 23, 2019

Mobile Passport has launched a new partnership that will allow travelers to renew their passports with the click of an app.

With the help of RushMyPassport, users will have the ability to renew their passports at least six months before it expires.  

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When a passport is approaching six months from its expiry, users will receive a push notification to guide them through the renewing process. 

“As part of the process, users will still need to mail in their old passports, along with a new passport photo, and paperwork which is all detailed as part of the application process,” Patrick Merfert, vice president of marketing for Airside Mobile (which owns Mobile Passport), told Travel + Leisure. However, the app’s portal makes the renewal process “much more streamlined and expedited than the traditional in-person passport application process,” he said.

Mobile Passport is an app that gives travelers access to an expedited customs line at more than 30 air and cruise ports around the country.

Travelers who successfully use an authorized app will no longer have to complete a paper form or use an APC kiosk. As a result, travelers may experience shorter wait times, less congestion and efficient processing.

Mobile Passport is available to U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors at the following 27 U.S. international airports and 4 seaports of entry. 

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