Redwood Sky Walk Attraction Opens In Sequoia Park Zoo In California
Photo Credit: Josh Carter

Photo Credit: Josh Carter

Redwood Sky Walk Attraction Opens In Sequoia Park Zoo In California

Malik Peay
Malik Peay Jun 1, 2021

Now that zoos are in operation all over California, the Sequoia Park Zoo in the Northern region of the golden state is opening back up but with a new historical attraction. The Redwood Sky Walk attraction will open on June 4 to the public where a ceremony will be held for the celebration of the newly-built bridge.

It is said to be the highest nature path in the western coast of the United States. Since May 14, the nature sky walk has been accessible to locals in the city of Eureka during their zoo visits.

The Sequoia Zoo opened in 1907, and is the only zoo that operates in the Northern California coastal region. This is one of California’s smallest zoos, although the facility is home to over 50 animal species and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

The Redwood Sky Walk attraction is meant to be an added tourist attraction to help boost foot traffic for the Sequoia Park Zoo. In addition to building more visitors, the suspended bridged path is meant to provide zoo pedestrians a more intimate overlook view of the coastal redwood forest.

This new attraction will be hovering 100ft above the tree bark-filled forest floors where exhibitors can view how vast the growth of these massive redwood trees are. The tallest known redwood in the Northern California region is recorded at 380 feet.

The new perspective of the Sequoia Park Zoo and the surrounding redwood ecosystem is to highlight how fragile our ecosystems are in the United States. This eye-opening experience is intended to root visitors more with the natural landmarks around them and how they should be preserved just like the thick redwood forest. The Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Sequoia Park Zoo is a public-funded and volunteer-based facility, so it is one of the few tourist establishments that still function this way in California.

Some trees in the region are older than 1,000 years, which shows how important it is for visitors and people to protect the land that the Sequoia Park Zoo preserves. The birds-eye perspective is intended to enhance the zoo experience after a hard hitting year during the pandemic and the zoo volunteers helped arrange all the facility back to operation.

Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman is excited about the likelihood of the Redwood Sky Walk attracting more visitors and tourists to her city. Knowing that the suspended nature walk will indeed provide a special experience for nature lovers worldwide.

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