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Nothing unites people quite like food. To celebrate the black men and women who are using food to connect cultures and communities, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes from chefs, at-home cooks, and food lovers who know that great flavors can bring us all together. Plant-based Chef Ahki (@chefahki) shares one of her healthy recipes for Thai-inspired fruit salad, and it’s quick and surprisingly simple to make.  




2 cups coconut noodles (or kelp noodles)
2 cups mango (diced)
2 cups grape tomato (diced)
1/2 cup sweet peppers (very thin julienne)
2 green onions (diced on a diagonal)
Handful of fresh cilantro (finely chopped)
3 tbsp. cup of fresh lime juice
1 tbsp. black sesame seeds
1 tsp. coconut nectar
Pink salt (to taste)
Handful basil, mint and cilantro


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1). Rinse noodles and place in large bowl. Dice mango and tomatoes and add to bowl.
2). Thinly slice sweet peppers and add to bowl.
3). Thinly dice (diagonal) the green onion and add to bowl.
4). Add the remaining ingredients; cilantro, lime juice, black sesame seeds,
salt and cayenne. Mix gently.
5). Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves and a few more sesame seeds. Taste and add salt or lime as needed.


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