A Third Of The Country Is Ready To Travel This Summer, Study Shows
Photo Credit: Vladimir Vladimirov | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Vladimir Vladimirov | Getty Images

A Third Of The Country Is Ready To Travel This Summer, Study Shows

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 22, 2020

Many travelers are ready to push forward with summer travel plans, according to a new study from The Points Guy (TPG).

The survey,  conducted from May 13 through May 15, revealed that a third of Americans would consider leaving home for a vacation between now and the end of summer.  

The travel company surveyed more than 2,300 adults in the U.S. about how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted their future travel plans.  Of the 31% who are comfortable with taking a summer vacation,  at least 13% said they would hold off until later in the summer season.

As states ease up on their stay-at-home orders,  not many people are willing to hop on a plane just yet.

Instead, U.S. based travelers are planning a road trip with 44% of respondents making plans to go to a National Park and 39% planning for a trip to the beach.   

Safety Concerns

For those who are hesitant to travel this summer, about 40% of travelers said they would wait for a COVID-19 vaccine before they feel safe flying again. Others are looking for the okay from the federal government (23%) or local officials (20%). A mere 13% of flyers said they are waiting for the border to reopen, according to the report.

Another big factor for those considering flying this summer is effective mitigation efforts such as temperature screenings and testing at airports. Many travelers surveyed said mandatory masks on airplanes would be the deciding factor.

For 11% of travelers, nothing additional needs to happen before they board a plane and they’re ready to fly right now.

So, where do you fall on the spectrum?

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