A Rare Glimpse of Paradise: Boracay Island, Philippines
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

A Rare Glimpse of Paradise: Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island , Philippines
Nate Chambers
Nate Chambers Jun 2, 2014

When it comes to holiday getaways, for recuperating and rebalancing your mindset, one place comes to mind, and for obvious reasons too — Boracay Island!


Boracay is a tiny island located south of the country’s capital, Manila.  Only 7km long, Boracay has managed to boast one of the best beaches around the world, creating an atmosphere for being lazy in a civilized manner.  There is no question as to why the silky, white sand beach and its turquoise water was awarded the best island in Asia by Travel & Leisure Magazine.  The water is shallow, but deep enough for snorkeling lovers.  Water sports will add extra layers of excitement to your vacation and there’s an abundance of fresh seafood restaurants to satisfy every taste.


The one thing I enjoyed the most about Boracay Island was that every day felt truly like paradise.  The only agenda was to wake up, find your swimming trunks, grab your coffee and decide whether to lay out on the beach or rent a sailboat and catch some wind in your sail!


Island Living

I spent my stay at The District Hotel, conveniently located along station 2 of the island.  Unlike stations 1 and 3, station 2 is calm and civilized. The District is a modern boutique beachfront resort offering chic-styled rooms and a warm atmosphere. The location of the District is just perfect. The beach is free from crowds, there are designated bleachers for guests only, and it’s right in the heart of all the restaurants, clubs, and the popular D’Mall.  The staff, especially Edgar, will ensure your stay gets progressively better each day. I highly recommend!

IMG_7397 IMG_7400 IMG_7388

Boracay Island is known for its breathtaking sunsets.  Everyday at 5:30PM, you can easily see the entire island gathered on the beach as the sun gradually dips into the horizon!


There are plenty of us out there that travel miles away to live the “beach bum” lifestyle.’ Despite the immaculate spread of white sand, it’s a must that you take part in at least one water activity… at least one!

Fly Fish

Expect to get some quality airtime on the Fly Fish as a speed boat pulls, then aggressively launches you into the air!


Helmet Dive

Who doesn’t want to walk on the ocean floor with a 50-ton iron helmet?!

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.59.01 PM


I’m not a fan of prolonged heights, however, the view of the beautiful shoreline was well worth it!


Aqua Sub

This is how normal people do the Aqua Sub…


Photo credit: Boracay Adventures

And then you have me… never again! But feel free to give it a shot.

IMG_6212 IMG_6210

Island Hopping

One of the best ways to see more of Boracay is to do an Island Hop tour.  There are so many beautiful beaches to see!

IMG_7696 IMG_7726 IMG_7663

Crystal Cove

The views from Crystal Cove and trekking through the caves makes this nearby island a true gem.

IMG_7776 IMG_7764 IMG_7751 IMG_7816 IMG_6205



Ariel’s Point

A MUST DO ADVENTURE IN BORACAY! Ariel’s Point was undoubtedly one of the best adventures I’ve experienced to date. The cliff jumps are not for the faint-hearted. Despite the feeling of my bones crushing as I hit the water, the adrenaline rush was beyond addicting. I’m not a swimmer, so it took me about an hour to muscle up the courage to jump.  Once I did, the jumps got easier and easier… okay, not so much.

IMG_7987 IMG_7950 IMG_7932

Ariel’s Point with friends is even better!!


The food on Boracay Island is severely delicious! Heaps of fresh seafood everywhere and for a low cost as well! Below are some of my favorite dining spots on the island.

Paradiso Grill

Head up to Paradiso Grill, select your batch of seafood, and patiently wait as the chef whips up the best dish ever! I dined here 3 times during my stay!


Hawaiian BBQIMG_6150

Jony’s Fruit Shakes

Don’t leave the island without having a shake or two from Jony’s. Go for the Nutella Shake – so delicious!

IMG_7658 IMG_7653

The Sand Bar Beach Club

Enjoy a glass of wine at the Sand Bar and just live in the moment!

IMG_6153 IMG_6157

The Last Day…

I got a call from my mother’s co-worker, as he waited all day to tell me how to spend my final day. After what felt like a 45-minute lecture, I made my way to Mandala Spa and Villas. Absolutely amazing (so glad I spoke to him)! I spent my final hours on the island like a true king.

IMG_8029 IMG_8024

I went for the Gentleman’s Package. For 4 hours, I had the most revitalizing experience ever – a pineapple body polish wrap, the Mandala Signature Massage, a healing bath with esoteric oil and rose petals, an Adonis facial, a foot scrub and of course, a cup of herbal tea to complete my relaxation cycle!


I had an amazing time on Boracay Island. This adventure was exactly what I needed to refocus and get back into my typical realm of optimism. Traveling does that for me – I created new memories that will last well beyond this trip.

Until next time, travel well and don’t let life escape you! Cheers to the Vagabonding Life!


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