Racist Ryanair Passenger Avoids Jail Time Due To Jurisdiction Issues
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Racist Ryanair Passenger Avoids Jail Time Due To Jurisdiction Issues

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 25, 2019

Another racist avoids justice once again.

David Mesher, a racist passenger on a Ryanair flight, is avoiding jail time months after he went targeted a black passenger in a vile rant. Mesher called Delsie Gayle an “ugly black b*****d” while they were on a flight in Barcelona, Spain last October. Another passenger caught the whole incident on tape and staff reported him to Essex Police when the flight landed at Stansted Airport.

Mesher was interviewed by officials at his home in a lavish United Kingdom neighborhood but after four months, lawyers say that Mesher can only be prosecuted in Spain. “Following disturbing footage on social media we have completed a thorough investigation into reports a woman was subjected to racial verbal abuse on a stationary plane at Barcelona Airport,” Essex police said. “Although the offense did not happen within the jurisdiction of England or Wales, we conducted a thorough investigation and sought advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.”

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Now it is in the hands of Spanish prosecutors to decide if Mesher should be summoned to answer questions before a judge. After the viral incident, Mesher admitted that he just lost his temper when he got into a dispute with Gayle over seats but doesn’t identify as a racist. 

His words showed otherwise.

As for Gayle, a retired care assistant, she said the incident made her sad. “I feel really depressed about it. I go to my bed and say, ‘What have I done?’ I haven’t done anything for you to attack me,” Gayle said in an interview. “Because of the color of my skin, I was abused like that?”

While most people would think the airline would be more vocal about the incident, Ryanair has completely washed their hands. They said in a statement, “We have reported this to the police in Essex and as this is now a police matter, we cannot comment further.”

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