Your Quick Guide To Madrid's Poppin' Nightlife
Photo Credit: Diverse group of young people with drinks in a club. Happy men and women enjoying nightout at bar.

Photo Credit: Diverse group of young people with drinks in a club. Happy men and women enjoying nightout at bar.

Your Quick Guide To Madrid's Poppin' Nightlife

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 23, 2019

Madrid is a city that likes to party. From sundown to sunup, this Spanish capital’s legendary nightlife is as diverse as it is abundant. In true Spanish form, start your evening with tapas and friends before hitting the bars and nightclubs that keep the party going into the early morning hours. Here is a quick guide to the best late-night areas around Madrid.



Malasaña is an area that is lively every hour of the day. Located in the heart of the city just a short distance from the Gran Vía, Malasañais a great place to start the night for tapas with friends. A quick stroll through the area will certainly provide many options, but if you are looking for something specific, check out  Café Comercial or La Bicicleta.

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La Latina

This is often where the fun begins in Madrid. With terraces and tapa bars filled with people, La Latina is a charming area of the city with much to offer. El Rincón del Arte Nuevo offers nightly shows in a small café where you can order small bites to eat or tapas. Live entertainment includes everything from musical acts to comedy shows.



La Castellena is the financial and business hub of Madrid. It is also where you will find a variety of bars and after-work spots to get your evening started. This area is also home to many Spanish beer bars or ‘cervecerías’ such as Doña Tecla with its outdoor terrace and Taxi a Manhattan with a New York City theme.

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Gran Vía

Gran Vía Is home to some of Madrid’s best bars and clubs. Museo Chicote is a legendary cocktail bar in the city that opened in 1931 and has hosted the biggest stars of Hollywood’s golden age as well as Ernest Hemingway. Fans of flamenco should check out Torres Bermejas for a traditional show and cocktails with a very lively crowd.

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Princesa is Madrid’s student area where you will find a variety of nightclubs that cater to a younger crowd with popular music such as EDM, rock, heavy metal, pop, and Latin. Sala Mitty is a popular spot for dancing with music ranging from house to reggaeton. LaSal is also a popular nightclub playing more commercial music in a swanky setting.

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This diverse area is where you can expect to find African, Arabic, Latino, and Flamenco rhythms that surround its nightlife. With a huge number of clubs to choose from, just a walk through the neighborhood will leave you with plenty of options.  Club 33 is a legendary location for playing electro-indie sounds in an environment that’s welcoming and open to all people.

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