The best travel gift to give yourself
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The best travel gift to give yourself

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Feb 11, 2015

You’re in the middle of contemplating an amazing getaway when the quiet little voice in the back of your head starts to whisper:

“You know you shouldn’t buy this ticket right?”

“You don’t even have enough vacation days.”

“You know you can’t speak the language.”

“Even worse, you don’t even like flying!”

We’ve all been there. The truth is that travelers – both aspiring and seasoned – have strong associations with fear and travel. What do I mean exactly? Fears like not knowing the language, not having enough money to travel, or not having adequate amounts of time off, can really hold us back. 

A few weeks ago, we shared news that Travel Noire would be teaming up with Quarterly to craft highly curated travel, lifestyle, and culture gift boxes. The response was overwhelming. 

This April, you’ll receive your first box with items that will instantly calm your travel fears. We can almost guarantee it. We spent some time listening to your suggestions and connecting with some of our favorite brands to deliver our unconventional solution to your travel fears.

How it works: Four times a year, you’ll receive a new package, specially curated for you by us! 

How to move forward: Head over to Quarterly to learn more and subscribe to our surprise box by clicking here. 

Did we forget to mention: Zim, our CEO & founder, will fly to the hometown of one lucky subscriber for an amazing lunch on her. She’ll share her top travel tips & hacks and you’ll be able to ask her anything!

Three cheers to you for making this possible.




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