Qatar Will Ban Sales Of Beer At World Cup Stadiums
Photo Credit: Photo by Travel Nomades

Photo Credit: Photo by Travel Nomades

Qatar Will Ban Sales Of Beer At World Cup Stadiums

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 18, 2022

If you’re planning to watch the World Cup matches in any of the Qatar stadiums, you won’t be able to purchase beer.

According to ABC News, “officials in Qatar have banned the sale of beer and other alcoholic beverages on Friday. This is just two days before the international soccer tournament kicks off.”

However, there is one exception. The Associated Press reported that “champagne, wine, whiskey and other alcohol will likely still be available in the luxury hospitality areas of the stadiums.”

Qatar Is A Controversial Host To Some

When it was announced Qatar would be hosting the World Cup, some were displeased.

Humans rights abuses and logistical concerns were the chief complaints.

According to NPR, “Qatar is the smallest nation to ever host the World Cup, a complex international sporting event that draws huge numbers of visitors and requires the infrastructure to accommodate them.”

The working conditions for those tasked with building the stadiums and other structures were described as “exploitative and dangerous” by The Guardian.


What Did FIFA Say?

ABC News reported, “non-alcoholic beer will still be sold to fans at the eight stadiums during the 64 matches.”

FIFA said: “following discussions between host country authorities and FIFA, a decision has been made to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on the FIFA Fan Festival, other fan destinations and licensed venues, removing sales points of beer from Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium perimeters.”

A World Cup Beer Sponsor Responded

The parent company of Budweiser told ABC News, “as partners of FIFA for over three decades, we look forward to our activations of FIFA World Cup campaigns around the world to celebrate football with our consumers. Some of the planned stadium activations cannot move forward due to circumstances beyond our control.”

What Beverages Will Be Available?

In the luxury areas of the stadiums, you can still get champagne, whiskey and wine. Of course, there will be non-alcoholic beverages as well.

FIFA added, “host country authorities and FIFA will continue to ensure that the stadiums and surrounding areas provide an enjoyable, respectful and pleasant experience for all fans.”

When asked by ABC News for their comment, the Qatari government had no response.

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