The Pros And Cons Of Traveling With Kids
Photo Credit: Claude Piché | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Claude Piché | Unsplash

The Pros And Cons Of Traveling With Kids

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Jul 11, 2019

Sometimes it can feel like it would be easier just to take them, other times, it feels like a much better option to leave the kids at home. Depending on where you are traveling, how long you plan on staying, and various schedules, the pros, and cons can vary greatly. But here are a few things to consider when weighing your options.

The Pros Of Bringing The Kids Along

New Experiences

There are a ton of benefits to exposing your kids to travel. From learning about new cultures and having new experiences in obtaining the skills of troubleshooting and navigating new places, travel offers a great deal of benefits for children. It also instills in them a sense of independence, adaptability, and a feeling of comfort in the world.

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Family Time

With busy schedules, electronics, and full-time jobs, it’s hard to get quality family time these days. If your kids are older, they may be starting to prefer spending time with their friends over family. All of this is understandable, but family trips are a great time to reconnect without the constant distractions at home. 

Creating New Memories

We all want our children to look back fondly on their childhoods with happy memories that will last a lifetime. Creating these memories together, as a family, creates a special connection. Reliving these memories in weeks and even years to come with your children, may make the headaches of traveling with kids seem minuscule.

The Cons Of Bringing The Kids Along

The Cost Of Travel

Any traveling parent knows, that once your kid hits 2 years old, you start to pay full price for those airline tickets. The added costs for additional plane seats, food, transportation, and maybe even an additional hotel room, can add up quickly. If it’s just not within the budget, don’t feel guilty for leaving the little ones at home. That added savings can be used for other creative (less expensive) ways to treat your kids when you return. 

Additional Stress

Traveling with kids is stressful. Long car rides, airports, restaurants, sightseeing, the list goes on and having the kids in tow can sometimes leave you needed a vacation from your vacation. Sometimes travel is about leaving the stress at home and enjoying a solo trip or romantic getaway with your partner. Think of it as a form of self-care. You and your kids will be happier to see each other after a few days apart, and a rested version of yourself will allow you to return more present and patient with your kids.

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Planning Considerations

If you take your kids with you, chances are that your itinerary will change greatly. Forget long walks on the beach, happy hour cocktails, shopping sprees, romantic restaurants, or long visits to art museums. Every outing will have to keep the kids in mind. There is always a time and place for a family vacation where arcades, amusement parks, and playgrounds are the daily routine, but if you are looking for something else, leave the kids at home.

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