Pornhub Releases 'Show Me Nudes' Museum Guides From Renowned Galleries


Pornhub Releases 'Show Me Nudes' Museum Guides From Renowned Galleries

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Jul 30, 2021

If you’re part of the museums are boring crowd, Pornhub is coming through with something to spice up your viewing experience. The self-proclaimed world’s leading free porn site has released their Pornhub museum guides, and they’re about what you would expect from a hardcore porn streamer.

The “Show Me the Nudes” interactive website and app features the company’s porn stars depicting risqué recreations of some of the most renowned pieces from galleries like the National Gallery in London, the Uffizi in Florence, the Prado in Madrid, and the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

The recreations come to life thanks to actors from the adult entertainment troupe My Sweet Apple. The accompanying text is definitely not what you would find on a museum plaque.

In a description of Caravaggio’s Bacchus, the company writes, “Caravaggio shows this legendarily sticky party-monster as a fresh-faced, innocent looking young man (even if there is a flex of a meaty bicep and the flash of a disconcertingly tiny nipple).”

Another portrayal transforms into an orgy.

But the project has already proven educational for some of the adult entertainers.

“Let me help you skip all of the boring paintings like The Mona Lisa and go straight to the pervy stuff at The Louvre, Museo del Prado, Musee d’Orsay, The Met, and more,” wrote American adult-film actress Asa Akira on Instagram. “With the @pornhub ClassicNudes mobile site, you can tour the museums with audio commentary by ME! I learned more French recording this than I did in five years of high school. Yes, five.”

Not everyone has been as enthusiastic about Pornhub’s foray into fine art. The Uffizi in Florence, Italy and the Louvre in Paris, France both announced intentions to sue Pornhub for rights infringements. However, according to the Daily Beast, the Louvre has since decided against pursuing legal action.

Depending on the response to the “Show Me the Nudes” Pornhub museum guides, the company will consider producing more content.

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