The Most Popular Destinations For Those Taking Private Charters
Photo Credit: Photo by Cottonbro

Photo Credit: Photo by Cottonbro

The Most Popular Destinations For Those Taking Private Charters

Ayah A.
Ayah A. Mar 24, 2021

With several COVID-19 vaccines available and many places reopening and loosening restrictions as they see declines in virus rates, travel is gradually resuming. In fact, so far this year, private aviation provider XO has already experienced a growth rate of 20% from 2020.

The company reports that the majority of their customers are currently traveling either within the United States or to counties with tropical climates.

Domestically, the most popular areas have been leisure destinations with more space, including Florida and Hawaii, as well as rural areas, such as Montana, Utah, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

The Caribbean is a hot spot, with flights between North America and the Caribbean having doubled. Many people have been heading to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Mexico.

The Bahamas and Costa Rica have also proven to be popular destinations, with private charters to the Bahamas having doubled, and those to Costa Rica up 150%.

XO has seen explosive growth in customers heading to Turks and Caicos, with charters being up 384% and only four flights to the archipelago needed to match total departures for 2020.

It is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, however, that has seen the most growth. There is only one more booking to the country needed to match XO’s 2020 flights heading there.

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