Plane Catches Fire During Take-Off At Delhi Airport
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Screenshot via Twitter

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Screenshot via Twitter

Plane Catches Fire During Take-Off At Delhi Airport

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Simone Cherí
Simone Cherí Nov 9, 2022

A video posted on social media shows the scary moment an IndiGo aircraft’s engine caught fire while attempting to take off from India’s Delhi Airport.

The passenger plane was speeding along the runway when flames and sparks burst out of the side. The plane in question has since been grounded.

According to AFP, passengers also heard a loud bang.

Priyanka Kumar, one of the passengers traveling to Bengaluru, posted a clip of the incident on Twitter showing the fire going out within moments. 

“Indigo 6E 2131 Scary experience on Delhi runway!” she tweeted. “This was supposed to be a take-off video but this happened.”

Another passenger told NDTV, “The flight would have taken off in another 5 to 7 seconds when I saw sparks coming out… and suddenly it turned into a blaze of fire.”

“The fire was put out immediately,” she added, “There was panic initially. But the crew comforted us. There was no sudden jerk while stopping too.”

IndiGo Responds On Twitter

In replies to the Twitter post, the airline said it regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers. 

“The flight experienced an engine stall during take-off roll. The take-off was aborted and the aircraft safely returned to the bay,” IndiGo wrote. “We understand that all passengers are being accommodated on an alternate aircraft.”

According to NDTV, the incident took place at around 9:45 pm local time. The Deli Police said that all 184 people – 177 passengers and seven crew members – on the aircraft are safe. The passengers reportedly deplaned after 11 pm and the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s preliminary report said the pilot had used the fire extinguisher in the engine.

AFP reported a detailed investigation would be carried out and that the alternative flight took off at 12:16 a.m. the following morning.

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