Pilot's Photo Mistakenly Used For Story On Unhinged Pilot. Now He's Seeking Legal Action
Photo Credit: Kevin Bluer

Photo Credit: Kevin Bluer

Pilot's Photo Mistakenly Used For Story On Unhinged Pilot. Now He's Seeking Legal Action

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Aug 10, 2021

American Airlines pilot Rodrigo Ribeiro does not appreciate his photo being used in a story appearing on multiple blogs about an unhinged pilot, according to TMZ.

The unnamed pilot went into an unusual tirade over the intercom on a plane, announcing to passengers that he had experienced molestation as a child and eventually became a sex addict because of it.

“I screamed to God every night that he would take away my sins and thoughts and resulting homosexual tendencies…I even started thinking of ways to end my life, so I would not hurt anyone else,” the pilot can be heard saying in a recording of his rant.

The announcement went on for nearly three and a half minutes, with passengers attempting to interrupt several times. According to Daily Mail, the unhinged pilot was a uniformed but off-duty American Airlines pilot and asked the crew if he could make an announcement as passengers prepared to exit the grounded plane.

Numerous blogs posted the story and its accompanying audio recording, along with a photo of Ribeiro with a black bar covering most of his face. However, his forehead and chin are visible in the photo, and people who know him easily recognized that it was him.

Many of them reached out to him to ask if he was okay.

The image, which is owned by American Airlines, had been posted in celebration of Pride month years ago. Although Ribeiro worked with the airline to have his photo removed from the blogs, it had already been online for several days and the damage had been done.

He is considering taking legal action for the harm done to his reputation due to his image being used in affiliation with this situation.

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