Perfect Gifts For The Traveling Techie This Holiday
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of @planetblaster. .

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of @planetblaster. .

Perfect Gifts For The Traveling Techie This Holiday

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Nov 22, 2022

Different travelers like different things when they’re exploring the world. Some people could care less about excursions and sightseeing as long as the hotel accommodations are top-tier. Others invest in finding the finest restaurants in the area. Either way, everyone has their wow factor that makes travel exciting every trip. 

Amongst the vast array of travel connoisseurs, traveling techies are some of the most fun to buy gifts for each year. These innovative globetrotters are always looking for the latest, trending tech-savvy trinkets on the market that will lighten their travel load. From cameras to document their adventures to storage space for their intense charger collection, there’s a lot available this season just for the traveling techie. Here are a few perfect gifts for the traveling techie in your life this holiday season. 

Nikon Z 30 Mirrorless Camera

Gifts For The Traveling Techie
Photo Courtesy of Nikon.

The new Nikon Z 30 Mirrorless Camera is a great gift for the traveling techie in your life who loves to snap photos. The camera is compact and lightweight so it’s excellent for video content creators on the go. It’s small so it’ll fit right into your carry-on bag. 

While this may not be the camera for a seasoned photographer, the Nikon Z 30 is the ideal camera for novice content creators transitioning from smartphone photography. It also has a front-facing LCD touchscreen that makes taking professional selfies easy. No matter if the focus is portraits and videos or scenic landscapes, this camera is guaranteed to capture every angle the next time you’re out exploring the world.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

For serious travel content creators, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a must-have gadget this holiday season. This gimbal makes single cameraman shots simple and quick. Every motion is stabilized with fluid transitions between zooms, horizontal and vertical placement, and gesture controls. The device is foldable and compact so it’ll fit right into a carry-on bag. There are so many features with this gimbal that’ll make content creation more efficient and easy for the traveling techie in your life. 

GoPro Hero11 Black


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Another great gift for traveling techies who are content creators, GoPro’s new Hero11 Black is perfect for capturing dynamic action shots. This camera is a slight upgrade from the Hero10 model with improved still frames, more mobilization, and three new night modes. This version of GoPro’s beloved camera has also been improved to make creating social media content easier than ever before. 

Car Power Inverter

Not all traveling techies are constantly traveling by plane. For those tech-savvy friends and family members who are always on the road, a car power inverter is an ideal gift. Being able to stay connected while traveling is a top priority for traveling techies. The car power inverter takes the output from car lighter ports and converts it into an outlet like the ones in your home. These are perfect for extended road trips where access to outlets is limited. There’s a wide variety of car power inverters on the market. Select the best one for the type of devices you plan on charging while on the road. 

Incase Accessory Organizer

When someone is traveling with cameras, computers, and other electronic devices, they’ll inevitably have endless cords. The Incase Accessory Organizer is a great gift that’ll help keep them organized while on the go. The case is chic and aesthetically pleasing with multiple compartments to store an array of cords and chargers. Its clamshell shape allows travelers to easily view and access each cord as needed without getting them tangled up. If you know someone traveling with an array of electronics and wires, this may be the perfect gift for them. 

Zendure Passport III


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The Zendure Passport III is perfect for those who travel internationally. Outlet types can change depending on what country you are visiting. So this device makes sure you have an outlet for all of your devices no matter where you might be in the world. The device has outlets covering 200 countries with an emphasis on charging each device with speed. It even has enough watt power to charge a laptop. For the international jet-setting, traveling techie in your life, this gift will be sure to keep them charged up pretty much everywhere. 

Ostrich Pillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask

While traveling can be fun and exciting, it can also put a lot of stress on the body. Long flights and jet lag can leave travelers exhausted so it’s important to get optimal rest. The Ostrich Pillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask is an excellent gift for traveling techies looking to catch some extra z’s. The mask provides full eye coverage blocking out all sunlight. It also has both hot and cold capabilities depending on your needs. Thermal pressure relieves muscle tension, stress, and eye strain so it’s perfect for extended flights and road trips when you want to get some sleep. 

Sony WH-1000XM5

Noisy airports and planes can be a drag when traveling so most traveling techies usually have some type of headphones in tow. For those who love a distraction-free travel experience, there’s no better choice than Sony’s WH-1000XM5 over-ear headphones. The noise cancellation on these is priceless and will give the traveling techie in your life the peacefulness they need when traveling. High-quality sound and noise cancellation are the top priority of this gadget. It also has almost a 30-hour battery life for those traveling long distances with limited access to chargers. Although some travelers prefer earbuds over over-ear headphones, the amazing quality of this product may be worth the switch-up. 

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery


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One of the most frustrating experiences when traveling is running out of cell phone battery while on a plane or in between destinations. With boarding passes, transportation, and personal communication all tied up on your phone, the last thing you want is to run out of battery. I prefer to always travel with some type of mobile charging device and the Anker 633 is my favorite. This device snaps to the back of any iPhone with MagSafe capabilities and has a built-in stand so you can watch all your favorite videos with ease. It also has a 20W USB-C port to charge other devices. 

Netgear AC1900 Wifi Adapter

Wifi at hotels and resorts can suck sometimes, especially if every guest is connecting multiple devices at once. You can save yourself a headache by bringing along Netgear’s AC1900 Wifi Adapter. This adapter comes with a stand so you don’t have to plug it directly into your computer and provides an internet signal up to 200 feet away. This is great for traveling to destinations where the Wifi might be spotty or overused. 

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