Passengers Skip TSA To Run From Loud Noise In Vegas Airport, So Do TSA Employees
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Passengers Skip TSA To Run From Loud Noise In Vegas Airport, So Do TSA Employees

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Aug 18, 2022

Passengers skip TSA to run from the loud noise they hear inside the Las Vegas Airport. Once startled by the sharp noise, passengers fled in a panic, skipping the security checkpoint altogether. The already crowded airport had summer travelers in an uproar. One bystander reported: “No one knows what’s happening… Everyone’s just running, we have no idea why.”

Not just passengers, but staff too reacted to the sound. After hearing what sounded to many like a gunshot in Terminal One, people began to run. The Harry Reid International Airport reported: “As a result, passengers from multiple concourses needed to return to checkpoints.”

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Scared or not, the passengers that skipped TSA to run from the loud noise in the Vegas airport were then re-screened. Taking their shoes off and laptops out of their bags, instead of running through the gates. One man only had one shoe on when he had to come back through security. It wasn’t just passengers who had to come back to security. It appeared as though some of the TSA agents had run away when they heard the noise as well.

One tweet announced: “All I knew was if I see TSA running, I’m running.” Someone else heard another person yell, “gun” and everyone began to run away. Passengers shoved themselves through the gates and into the terminal of the airport to get away.

While the airport got a handle on what was going on, they canceled 32 flights. Though the sound was not a gunshot, it did come from somewhere. “The noise is believed to have been caused by an unruly subject,” the police department stated on a Twitter post. “That person is currently in custody.” By Monday morning the Las Vegas Airport was back to its normal operations. Although some passengers had a delay of up to 14 hours.

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