What would you do if other passengers on your flight were constantly coughing and sneezing?

On Sunday, a United Airlines flight heading to Newark, New Jersey from Eagle, Colorado had to stop at Denver International Airport because of disruptive passengers.

United Airlines officials tell CBS4 that the passengers had to be removed which resulted in the aircraft landing in Denver with law enforcement officials standing by.

30 minutes later, the flight conducted regular business and took off for Newark.

The disruptive behavior stems from a passenger “making unreasonable requests after they were seated next to someone who was coughing and sneezing,” says CBS4.

According to United Airlines, this “was in no way a medical situation.”

United Airlines’ officials later told CBS4 that the passenger was sneezing as a result of allergies and not any other illness. The sneezing passenger was allowed to fly to Newark but the disruptive passengers were immediately removed.

This situation is currently under investigation by the FBI since the altercation occurred mid-flight.

It is not determined yet if charges will be filed against the disruptive passengers.