Passengers Disgusted After Family Use Seat As Baby Change Table
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Passengers Disgusted After Family Use Seat As Baby Change Table

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 21, 2019

A family traveling with their child aboard a Jetstar flight is now the center of controversy after they were caught using the plane seat as a changing table.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to using the seat as a changing table, the family let the child urinate in a bottle before leaving the wipes in the plane seat pocket, as reported in the Sun. 

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The family aboard the Australian low-cost carrier was traveling from Dunedin, New Zealand to Auckland, New Zealand with the child believed to be no more than four-years-old.

Passengers described their experience on the plane as the “flight from hell.”

One passenger who witnessed the incident told The Sun, “this kid s**t himself, so they got him naked and started to change him across from us.”

Even after flight attendants told the family that they couldn’t use the seat as a changing table and to go to the bathroom instead, the family ignored them.

The passenger added that later in the flight, the boy was told by his grandmother to “p**s in a bottle,” he stated. “ A few people made comments to them, but most people were too uncomfortable to say anything.”

Despite other passengers complaining, the airline said they were unable to compensate them.

The carrier reportedly refused, saying it does not issue refunds for “things like that.”

A Jetstar spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “We’re sorry to hear that the customers were unhappy with their onboard experience.

“For hygiene reasons and the comfort of all our customers we encourage families traveling with infants and young children to use the change table facilities in our toilets onboard our A320 aircraft to change nappies.

“Rubbish bins are provided in the toilets on all our aircraft for the disposal of soiled nappies.”

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