There must be a social media challenge we don’t know about because there seems to be a lot of genitalia exposed on these flights lately. We thought the last thing we needed to see thousands of feet in the air was a weapon or a bomb. However, within the last few years and post-Covid, body parts can be just as scary.

What went down:

Yesterday a suspect was arrested for allegedly exposing himself mid-flight to the other passengers. On a routine JetBlue route from New York to Detroit, passengers were forced to watch his rude behavior thousands of feet in the air.

Photo Credit: Kindel Media

Arrested On Sight

Once the plane landed The authorities were notified. The Wayne County Airport Police Authority took the man into custody. For now there hasn’t been any statements released by the airline or the authorities. The case has been turned over to the FBI.

The JetBlue Blues

It’s been a rough time for the airline post covid this year. Stories of flight delays, missing luggage problems, as well as angry crew members have been most of their headlines. Recently, news of their 3.8 billion dollar merger with Spirit Airlines is currently pending. The government may also create a challenge for the merger to happen as they believe it would raise prices on consumers if JetBlue controls the economy airline market.

What Would You Do?

What would you do if the passenger sitting next to you jumped in the aisle and exposed themselves? Call the flight crew? Pull out your smartphone? Comment below.