Pakistan International Airlines Tells Cabin Crew To Lose Weight Or Get A New Job
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Pakistan International Airlines Tells Cabin Crew To Lose Weight Or Get A New Job

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Jan 4, 2019

Pakistan International Airlines has set a new low for discrimination. The airline has set new weight requirements for their cabin crew and if they don’t follow them, they’ll be out of a job.

According to a new memo issued by the airline, cabin crew members are required to lose 30 pounds by July,  shedding five pounds a month over the next six months. Employees that don’t meet the weight requirement will not be permitted to work on their scheduled flights. As if dealing with your own insecurities isn’t enough.

“If any crew found above 30 lbs from the desired weight after January 31st, 2019, will be grounded and referred to Air Crew Medical Center for medical evaluation and treatment until the weight is reduced up to desired standard/BMI,” the memo said. “The employees ‘comprehensive’ weight measurements will be “maintained for the perusal of Management,” the official note said.

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Weight checks for the cabin crew will be regularly carried out at the staff’s base stations. Signed by Aamir Bashir, the national flag carrier’s general manager of flight services, the memo ends by saying that “strict compliance is required.” Employees already “on weight check” will be required to report to a “grooming cell” monthly to get flying clearance.

For the 1,800 cabin crew members, a suggested weight chart has been issued for different heights and body types. For a “medium frame” woman of 5 feet 7 inches height, the suggested weight is between 133-147 pounds. Mashhood Tajwar, a spokesman for PIA, said even though it doesn’t seem that way, the initiative was put in place for “both” appearance and health reasons and insisted that PIA wasn’t alone in issuing the cabin crew target weights. “No one would like to have shabby crew in the aircraft,” Tajwar said. He said that airline got complaints about “obese” flight attendants, but didn’t go into detail about the number of passengers who had an issue with the cabin crew’s appearance.

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