Meet The Owners Of This New Black-Owned Louisville-Based Bourbon Brand
Photo Credit: Courtesy of The IX Bourbon

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The IX Bourbon

Meet The Owners Of This New Black-Owned Louisville-Based Bourbon Brand

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Mar 10, 2021

In 2021, we are still celebrating Black men and women “firsts” in several industries worldwide. Although they aren’t the first in their lane, husband and wife duo James and Brittany Penny are paying homage to all of our cultural firsts with their new bourbon.

Creating IX Bourbon was a no-brainer for the Louisville, Kentucky couple, who both grew up in the “bourbon capitol of the world.”

“We came up with the idea while we were up late one night with our then newborn daughter,” Brittany Penny told Travel Noire. “Being from the area, we knew that the bourbon industry is one that is always booming, and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Courtesy of The IX Bourbon

The couple initially planned to pay homage to Black Greek letter organizations, but after some setbacks, decided to pivot and instead celebrate Black men and women blazing trails.

“Living in Kentucky during the Brianna Taylor events, we got an eye-view of everything that unfolded in our city,” James Penny said. “We started asking ourselves, ‘why do we consider ourselves to be a diverse nation, when we are still celebrating Black firsts.’ We wanted to be able to celebrate the unsung heroes that continue to slave in the shadows. We want everyone to rise above being first.”

The bourbon is currently only available through pre-sales, which begin in April. There are only 1200 barrel select bottles, shaped like a book, that are sure to become collector’s items. The charter line is 95 proof and retails for $90.

Courtesy of The IX Bourbon

As for the flavor, the couple describes it as buttery, with notes of caramel and a hint of chocolate and cinnamon.

“We sourced multiple barrels until we found the profiles that we loved. We then combined them all into one unique flavor,” James explained.

While the couple’s goal is to celebrate others, they also understand the magnitude of stepping into an industry that is still underrepresented by Black men and women.

“As women, we aren’t often found in these spaces,” Brittany added. “We hope to encourage others like us to start their own brands, too.”

Courtesy of The IX Bourbon

To place your pre-order when available, or to learn more about this brand, visit the website:

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