Our Black Truth Creates 'Homecoming' Campaign To Send Tulsa Survivors To Ghana
Photo Credit: NIPAH DENNIS

Photo Credit: NIPAH DENNIS

Our Black Truth Creates 'Homecoming' Campaign To Send Tulsa Survivors To Ghana

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Aug 17, 2021

Our Black Truth is a digital platform that allows African people to connect with the global African diaspora. Creators of the app recently launched the ‘Homecoming’ campaign, to financially support and send two survivors of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, to Ghana. This was in partnership with Diaspora Africa Forum, based in Ghana.

This is an entire cultural initiative to reconnect African Americans with their African descendants and roots.

107-year-old, Viola Ford Fletcher and her brother Hughes Van Ellis— siblings— were the first Black travelers to take advantage of the platform’s newest program launch. They will spend 1-week in Ghana, along with their grandchildren.


“I had everything a child could need… But within a few horrible hours, all of that was gone,” Fletcher said in an interview with France 24, a Paris-based outlet. ” Now after all these years, I’m so happy to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of going to Africa, and I am so pleased that [it] is to beautiful Ghana.”

Fletcher and Ellis are the only 2 survivors from the Oklahoma tragedy that destroyed the local Black community once thriving in the city of Tulsa. The white mob that terrorized this vulnerable demographic of people during the Jim Crow Era completely demolished the Black-owned businesses that were standing in the Greenwood District.

Now, 100 years later, Our Black Truth is helping reconnect them with their African heritage by flying them out to African countries to experience the culture of the continent and their native roots.

According to the platform’s app-store page, “Our Black Truth Social is where Africans and African descended people can communicate with each other without fear of being censored for speaking the truth regarding topics that affect our community. This platform is called Our Black Truth not because it excludes any group of people, but it’s designed to bring us together and share our cultural knowledge with the masses by educating the world with regard to the contributions made by Africans and African descended people across the globe. This platform is not about political correctness, it’s about truth.”

The 7-day trip is the first of many excursions that the platform intends to promote for the Black community across the globe. The platform is not only a place where African and African Americans can discuss important conversational topics, but is a safe space for Black individuals to express their perspectives on global Black issues, cultural happenings, and historically-significant events.

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