One Day in Sedona: Things To Do
Photo Credit: Anthony Melone/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Anthony Melone/Unsplash

One Day in Sedona: Things To Do

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Brittni Williams
Brittni Williams May 25, 2022

Sedona is a quiet city in Arizona that many tourists flock to for its rich culture, striking architectural buildings, and down-home food. It’s also well-known for its stunning landscapes that are home to several red rock formations.

Much of the city is heavily influenced by Spanish, especially Mexican, culture. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy delicious Mexican foods like the carne asada burritos from Torta de Fuego or the rotisserie chicken and goat cheese enchiladas from Javelina Cantina.

Aside from the cuisine, Sedona is also recognized for its beautiful artwork displayed around the city. Art enthusiasts can peruse the city’s various art galleries and stores to find some fantastic visuals that they can take home with them. And visitors who like to capture their travel experiences on camera will love taking selfies while the sun sets over its many stunning landscapes.

Traveling to Sedona is sure to be an adventure, but for travelers short on time, the experience can feel daunting. Luckily, there are many ways for tourists with minimal time to learn Sedona’s deep and rich history. Visitors can take a Pink Jeep tour for an off-road adventure where they’ll learn things about geology and Native American history while cruising the jagged terrain of red rock country.

For the less daring, Sedona offers many walking tours, audio tours, and even trolley rides. These tours allow visitors to experience all that Sedona has to offer in a short amount of time. Let’s take a look at six ways to spend one day in Sedona without missing a beat:

1. Take a Helicopter Ride Over Grand Canyon National Park

Photo courtesy of The Traveling Child

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world, and for good reason. The majestic river valley is the perfect place to take in the beauty of nature. Many visitors from all over the world travel to the Grand Canyon to experience it up close and personal.

The National Park offers several activities for guests to enjoy. You can take a helicopter ride and even a hot air balloon across the canyon for an unforgettable lifetime experience. There are also many shops, eateries, and museums for guests to visit during their trip.

And if you’re adventurous, you can ride a mule down the sloping valleys of the canyon to the bottom. Or hike one of the many trails that lead to the canyon. Tickets to enter the canyon are available on the official website. Be sure to look out for special dates when entry is free for visitors!

2. Uptown Sedona

Also known as Main Street District, Uptown Sedona is a popular tourist destination with many things to do. Known for providing exquisite shopping and dining experiences, Uptown Sedona is a must-see rest stop for those looking for an old-timey feel.

Its Spanish-inspired architectural buildings are home to many stores, galleries, and exhibits that tourists enjoy. In addition, several stores carry a variety of handmade goods, from wallets and small bags to home decor. With so many stores to choose from, the opportunity to support a local business is endless.

Visitors can take a guided tour called a “History Walk” through Uptown Sedona to learn more about its history. During the short walk, a tour guide will show guests some of Uptown Sedona’s most prized landmarks, including various historical statues and monuments.

3. Enjoy a Slice of Pizza at Moon Dogs Pizza

Moon Dogs Pizza is a Black-owned and operated pizza shop that sells a number of delectable menu items. Claiming to serve “Sedona’s Best New York Pizza,” the pizza shop is a great place to enjoy a slice while the game is on.

They serve a variety of Italian food items, including calzones, pastas, and salads. And if you’re not a fan of Italian, they’ve got you covered. They carry burgers, chicken, and various sub sandwiches as well. What they’re most known for, however, is their pizza.

At Moon Dog’s Pizza, every meal is made hot and fresh to order. To start, they hand toss their crust before spreading a layer of homemade, roasted garlic sauce on top. Then, they sprinkle fresh, whole milk mozzarella cheese over the sauce before adding traditional, high-quality toppings to complete the pie.

The only thing better than their pizzas is their customer service. The company prides itself on its impeccable service that keeps locals and tourists coming back for more.

4. Take a Trolley Tour Through The City

Trolley tours are a great way to see much of the city in a short amount of time. When you’re on a time crunch while traveling, it can be easy to miss important landmarks. Fortunately, trolley tours offer multiple packages that allow you to experience all of Sedona in just one to two hours.

Sedona Trolley offers tours of popular attractions and destinations such as the Chapel of the Holy Cross or Fay Canyon. During the guided tour, guests hop on a trolley while a tour guide drives them around the town, offering various fun facts and historical information. And if you can’t choose just one tour, the company provides tour packages that allow guests to try out more than one tour at a discounted price.

5. Hike Across Devil's Bridge

Sedona Devil's Bridge
Justin W./Unsplash

Devil’s Bridge is a natural sandstone arch, the largest of its kind in Sedona. Travelers from all over the world hike its trail to see the stunning red rock arch at the top. Along the way, hikers will find a variety of desert plants, from cacti to yucca. The scenery during the hike is filled with lush greenery, old abandoned roads, and jagged red rocks, so visitors should be sure to bring a camera.

The hike to Devil’s Bridge is fairly easy, so most people can enjoy it. The trail spans approximately two miles and has a 400-500 foot elevation gain. While the hike is easy, travelers should still plan ahead by packing plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen as the Sedona sun can reach scorching temperatures.

6. Tap Into Your Creative Side at Tlaquepaque

Known for its unique and immersive Arts and Crafts District, Tlaquepaque is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Located right next to the famous Oak Creek, the town gives visitors a unique glimpse into life in a traditional Mexican village.

Translated as the “best of everything,” Tlaquepaque definitely lives up to its name. It’s a one-stop shop for travelers who want to have a bite to eat, learn about Sedona’s Spanish influence, and explore some fantastic art galleries. There are even live artists and performances to watch, including traditional Flamenco dancers, poetry readings, and parades. And during Halloween, the town lights up with Dia de Los Muertos decorations to honor the longstanding Mexican holiday.

It’s also a popular site for many couples to wed. The beautiful sights and sounds of Sedona’s red rock country provide the perfect place for romance to bloom. Guests should visit the official Tlaquepaque site for more information about Tlaquepaque’s wedding accommodations.

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