Ol Jogi, The Luxury Kenyan Safari And Hotel You Can Enjoy In Complete Privacy
Photo Credit: Git Stephen Gitau

Photo Credit: Git Stephen Gitau

Ol Jogi, The Luxury Kenyan Safari And Hotel You Can Enjoy In Complete Privacy

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jan 12, 2022

Blending maximalist and classic African decor styles together effortlessly, Ol Jogi offers one of the most exclusive accommodation experiences on the African continent. At Ol Jogi, the luxury safari experience spills into the living quarters, where you can enjoy Kenya’s abundant wildlife in complete privacy. 

Staying here means enjoying eleven bedrooms housed within eight cottages entirely to yourself because no more than one group of guests are admitted at one time. This exclusivity extends to the 58,000-acre conservancy, which guests will also enjoy to themselves. 

The luxurious element to the hotel is easily seen from the pool complex and the adjoining fountain, the collection of museum quality artworks and the presence of grazing hippos come nightfall, wandering past the cottages. Keeping guests aware of their proximity to wildlife, there are no barriers or fences stopping guests from noticing wildlife at the nearby watering hole.

Travelers who are attracted to the idea of dwelling in Kenya’s unmatched safari scape while revelling in the more ornate types of accommodation will thoroughly appreciate Ol Jogi. Visitors typically enjoy how much there is to discover – indoors and outdoors.  

“Most of our guests comment that you could probably never leave the home during your stay, and you would still see all the wildlife Ol Jogi has to offer” is what the website promises, emphasizing how the constant flow of wildlife is a true attraction for most guests.

On the Ol Jogi grounds, another exciting feature is the underground tunnel that leads guests from the house directly to a hide at the watering hole. 

“Imagine being a few feet away from a herd of buffalo, or an endangered black rhino, and being close enough to see the marks on its skin and hear its breath, all while being in complete safety and enjoying your favorite drink.”

True to the exuberant nature of the conservancy, there is a pool and a spa available on the grounds as well as multiple common spaces, including the verandah— ideal for an evening spent spotting lions, buffaloes, zebras and other nearby wandering animals. 

With projects ranging from animal rescue and rehabilitation to anti-poaching protection, the complex also supports the holistic approach to conservation. Having worked closely with surrounding communities for the past four decades, Ol Jogi are committed to supporting the positive development of the region and community projects. Developing and sponsoring programs and even operating a school of 230 children onsite is a glimpse at the further expansive work at Ol Jogi. 

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