All around the world, restaurants are getting creative with encouraging social distancing as some places open up to in-person service.

In The Netherlands, Mediamatic ETEN is serving meals in quarantine greenhouses.

The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia has redesigned its restaurant for social distancing and placed mannequins at empty tables.

Café & Konditorei Rothe has reopened in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany and the café requires customers to wear hats with pool noodles so patrons are keeping their distance. 

And now an Ocean City restaurant has joined in on the unique way of promoting social distancing through bumper tables.  

Fish Tales Bar and Grill has invested in 10” Bumper Tables to help keep customers at least 6 feet away from other patrons.

The tables, manufactured by Revolution Event Design and Production, are described as an “adult version” of a toddle walker.

“Anything event related that’s tied to creativity is what our niche is,” Erin Cermak, founder of Revolution Event Design and Production told WBALTV. “When COVID hit, our phones weren’t ringing off the hook, so we were trying to envision what events were going to look like […] and figure out how people were going to be social and socially distant at the same time.”

The round tables have wheels on the bottom to make it easier to get around and come equipped with a space for food and drinks.

Cermak said Revolution has an enormous demand for the tables, which are available to be ordered and custom manufactured for other events and venues nationwide.