NY & NJ Airports Have Highest Number Of TSA Employees Testing Positive For Coronavirus
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

NY & NJ Airports Have Highest Number Of TSA Employees Testing Positive For Coronavirus

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 28, 2020

New York’s largest airport reportedly has the highest number of employees in the country who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to data from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 95 TSA employees from John F. Kennedy International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19. At least 88 of the employees are screening officers.

The most recent positive case from an officer reportedly had contact with passengers and other airport personnel as late as April 14.

At New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport, 48 employees tested positive for COVID-19.  At least one of the workers was working until April 12.

LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY had the third-highest number of infected employees with 28 positive cases.

“TSA is committed to notifying the public about airport locations where TSA employees or screening contractors have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus,” the agency told the NY Post in a statement.

In total, TSA reported that 459 federal employees have tested positive for coronavirus. Of those, 110 have recovered and four have died.

New York and New Jersey Hit Hardest By The Coronavirus

The United States, with the world’s third-largest population, has five times as many cases as the next hardest-hit countries Italy, Spain, and France.

Cases of the novel coronavirus topped 1 million on April 28 making up one-third of all infections in the world.

Both New York and New Jersey have been the hardest hit states by the coronavirus pandemic in the US and the region have been deemed an epicenter.

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