This Beautiful North Carolina Vineyard Is Family & Black-Owned
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of The Williams Family

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of The Williams Family

This Beautiful North Carolina Vineyard Is Family & Black-Owned

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 30, 2020

When Preston Williams acquired the roughly 150 acres of land his Seven Springs Farm and Vineyards is situated on, in 1987, he looked over to his family and stated, “it would be selfish for us to realize the values that we gain from this property and not allow others to come and just experience it.”

His vision for the land 33 years ago was to make it a relaxing space where people wouldn’t have to travel far to enjoy the finer things in life.

Williams’ vision came to life in 2017 when he officially expanded the family farm to include vineyards.

“We traveled to more than 50 vineyards and venues and fell in love.”

Willams said he and his family realize that there are not many Black-owned vineyards in the United States, but he doesn’t really focus on that.

“When we researched it we found that there may be around 28 [Black-owned wineries] but we don’t really focus on that,” he told Travel Noire during an interview. “What’s important to us is that we produce a quality that will give our people an opportunity to experience some of the finer things in life that we used to have to go across the tracks to experience.”

The farm and vineyard feature more than a dozen Muscadine grape varieties. Four grape varieties are used for their wines, including Magnolia and Doreen, which is exclusively grown in the Southeastern and Gulf regions in the United States.

When asked what he hopes visitors would experience at his vineyard, Williams said he hopes they feel peace.

“You can travel and walk the land, and the land will speak to you,” he said. “I’ve known since I purchased this place and spending time on the land that this is a peaceful place.”

“We have a philosophy here, and that’s once you cross the ditch into the property, everything that you brought with you that’s not positive, just leave it behind you because it doesn’t work up here.”

Seven Springs Farm and Vineyard is open for business during the pandemic. Williams said they are following North Carolina health officials guidance at the vineyard of social distancing and wearing mask.

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