Non-Americans Share The Weirdest Things Americans Think Are Normal
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Non-Americans Share The Weirdest Things Americans Think Are Normal

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 20, 2020

When Reddit user Imqr asked the question, “What do Americans think is normal for everyone, but actually it’s not normal for anyone but Americans?” It only proved that Americans are into some quirky things.

The thread, which was first reported by BuzzFeed, went viral as people from all over the world shared some weird things about American culture.

Here are some of the top responses:

1. “Toilet cubicles, where people not only can peek, but an adult person could crawl into your cubicle, there is so much space under the ‘door'” said TitanicBeta.

2. “When I was there during the last election I was shocked at how phrases like ‘well they have the Black vote’ or the ‘Latino vote’ came up all the time on the radio. Obviously it’s not racist but it’s just something that would never come up in my country. Like, why would Latino people all vote for the same person?” said Adam West.

3. “Portion sizes,” said pourmewhineoh.

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Speaking of portion sizes. Some Reddit users suggest going to the Cheesecake Factory for a truly American experience.

4. “The first meal for any foreigner should be the Cheesecake Factory because their portions are huge and because it’s all uphill from there,” said chris_courtland.

5. “Not putting the final price on the tag. I’m not sure whether it’s still like this, but a few years ago one never knew whether the $1.00 item in McDonald’s or Burger King is actually $1.00 or maybe $1.08,” TitanicBeta added.

6. “Being legally allowed to drink only when you reach 21,” said I-am-a-Mango.

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7. “This one is more on the positive side because I think we could learn some from it. Talking and sharing your life with complete strangers. I have met quite a few Americans so it seems the norm that you share and engage with strangers in public. The bus, train, parks etc. And then you go on your way.

In Denmark you’d be a ‘freak’ if you did that,” said WuuutWuuut.

8. “Ambulance rides costing money seems pretty absurd to people from other countries,” said Meemesfourdayz.

9. “Bankruptcy because you went to the hospital,” said canesfan09.

10.”Having only two parties: Republicans and Democrats. I know there are some smaller parties, but the system is stacked against them,” said K_51.

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11.”Attack ads against political opponents, ads for law firms or lawyers. These kinds of ads are illegal and considered unethical in our country. Also expecting a teenager to be out of the house by the time they’re 18. I live in Southeast Asia. There’s no stigma about living with one’s parents. Most of the time, there will be three generations living in one house,” said HollowMist11.

12.”Being able to vote before reaching the legal drinking age,” said dingdongimprrblywrong.

13. “Extra large bottomless cups for cola or soft drinks…. you could bathe in those,” said SlyDigits.

14. “Actively avoiding healthcare visits/checkups because if there’s something wrong and you don’t have the money to pay for treatment, then you’d rather just not know,” said KingAceNumber1.

15. “Having police patrol the school,” said alexis0292.

16. “A flag in every corner of a classroom, and Americans being very patriotic to the stars and stripes. Other countries barely give a poop about their flags,” said Legendary-Lynx.

17. “Pledge of allegiance in schools… That’s weird af,” said Uebeltank.

18. “Willingly putting yourself massively in debt for a college degree,” I-hate-traveling, said.

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