Nomadic Freelancer Hack: Protect Your MacBook On The Go With These 6 Cases
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nomadic Freelancer Hack: Protect Your MacBook On The Go With These 6 Cases

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jan 26, 2023

In the past three years, the number of people choosing to work remotely has risen. Being stuck at home during the lockdown in 2020 inspired many people to quit their jobs and opt for freelance positions. Living life as a nomadic freelancer gives more freedom than traditional career paths. Freelancers can work from anywhere worldwide as long as they have the essentials: strong wifi, a phone, and a laptop. 

When it comes to laptops, most freelancers choose MacBooks for their battery life, portability, speed, and performance. Protecting your MacBook is essential if you’re a nomadic freelancer. No one wants a broken device to stop their workflow. 

Having a case for your MacBook is the easiest way to prevent damage as you work from different cafes and coffee shops worldwide. Carrying your MacBook in your tote bag or backpack can result in keys scratching or drinks spilling on it. A case acts as a shield to protect against everyday wear and tear. 

If you’re worried about a case cramping your style, no worries — there are cases out there that maintain the sleek and chic look of MacBooks. Showcase your personal style with a colorful case, one with a design or a minimalist approach. In addition to protecting your technological investment, MacBook cases will help you stand out in a coffee shop full of MacBooks. 

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Here are six of our favorite MacBook covers for the nomadic freelancer:

Teryeefi Shell Case, Keyboard Cover and Screen Protector (MacBook Air 13 Inch)

This case comes in different designs, including this tropical leaves case. The hard shell case is compatible with MacBook Air 13 Inch 2018-2021 with retina display and Touch ID. A soft keyboard cover and screen protector are included with the case for optimum protection. 

Dongke MacBook Pro 13 Inch Plastic Hard Shell Case

If you’re a writer, this is the perfect case to showcase your talents without saying a word. The composition book design is nostalgic and clever and snaps on and off of your MacBook with ease. This case is compatible with the 2020-2022 MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop models with the Touch Bar. 

MacBook Pro 16-inch Case with Shock-Absorbing Protection

This laptop case is designed for only 2021-2022 MacBook Pro 16-inch models. The case comes with a foldable kickstand, making it easier to type and view content on your laptop. Made from high-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate, this rugged case provides full-body protection for your MacBook Pro. 

Heavy Duty Hard Shell Case Cover For MacBook Air 13 inch with Retina Display and Touch ID

This case is specifically designed for the MacBook Air 13-inch Retina display with Touch ID released from 2019 to 2022. The heavy-duty hard shell case has a flexible bumper, protecting your device against scratches, scuffs, drops, and other accidental damages. The cover is transparent with colorful borders, showing the Apple logo. It’s also vented for heat disbursement and is easy to put on and take off. 

Italian Leather Hard Shell MacBook Air 13-Inch Case

Add luxury to your work day with this Italian leather hard shell case. Compatible with the MacBook Air 13-inch devices released 2018-2021, this case has a soft touch while preventing smudges, fingerprints, scratches, and other damage to your laptop. 

Terrazzo Pattern Marble Hardshell MacBook Air 13-inch Case

If you’re an art and design enthusiast, this case is the perfect addition to your MacBook Air. Compatible with MacBook Air 13-inch with Retina displays released from 2018 to 2020, this case is made of high-quality rubber-coated plastic. The matte finish gives the case a soft feel while protecting your device from unwanted scratches and scuffs. The bottom half of the case has ventilation holes to ensure proper heat dissipation. 

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