Would You Try New York's Serendipity 3's Record-Breaking $200 Truffle Fries?
Photo Credit: Serendipity 3| Facebook

Photo Credit: Serendipity 3| Facebook

Would You Try New York's Serendipity 3's Record-Breaking $200 Truffle Fries?

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Aug 4, 2021

Found in the heart of Manhattans famous Upper East Side neighborhood, restaurant Serendipity 3 holds yet another Guinness World Record. Not considering their $295 burgers or their $1000 ice cream sundaes, but the newly-added $200 truffle fries that are served in the most expensive fashion and made with the most high-priced ingredients.

Delicately placed on a crystalline dish, the fries that are decorated with sprinkles of safe-to-consume gold and truffle pieces have broken the record for their steep menu price.

The Midtown eatery is located at 225 E 60th St. in the epicenter of the hustle and bustle of New York City, and these premium costs attract international tourists who are looking to splurge on a quick snack.

The gourmet french fries are made of Chipperbec potatoes that are commonly used as the starchy base for chips and various types of fried potatoes wedges. The fries are rightfully priced while knowing they are slightly soaked in French champagne and vinegar that cost upwards of $200 a bottle.

However, the reason for the high-cost of the fries lie within the truffle shavings and flavor that allows this dish to shine. Truffle is a hard to find fungus that lives deep within the earth, and scouting these fungi can be done so with hounds. The truffle addition gives the french fries a more earthy and smokey taste that makes each fry more tantalizing than the last.

These thinly cut pieces of potatoes are not like your usual fries that tend to be drenched in oil and fat at a scorching hot temperature.

“The Crème de la crème Pommes Frites” is the title of the world record-holding french fries that was officially announced on July 12th. The $200 truffle fries come in a smaller portion, but are carefully plated in a way that makes your eyes eat them before your mouth even gets to come in contact with the food item.

The frites are served with a special sauce found only at Serendipity 3 and the burgers would be a great combo, but just know you will be spending approximately $500 for your American staple meal.

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