Heading To New York? Here Are Seven Spots For Some On Point Bagels
Photo Credit: andresr

Photo Credit: andresr

Heading To New York? Here Are Seven Spots For Some On Point Bagels

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 30, 2021

When somebody mentions New York, what comes to mind? Noise and congestion, yes. Also, rats the size of small dogs. Endless construction. Impatience. All true. But what about the food? The pizza is great, and with all due respect to Chicago, their “pizza” is more like a delicious tomato pie. It’s too thick to fold and take with you, and you probably can’t get one for a dollar like you can for a slice here. So yes, New York is the runaway winner on that front. Other popular foods include baconeggandcheese (yes, it’s said as one word), the chopped cheese sandwich, and of course, bagels. While you can technically get them just about anywhere, including street carts in the morning, not all bagels are created equal.

Some look like somebody sat on them for about a year without moving (we’re not referring to the flat bagels, we mean the regular bagels that are on the struggle bus). Authentic bagels are made on site, and usually have a thick, fluffy appearance.

Where can you find authentic bagels in this concrete jungle? Here are seven places.

1. Bagel Pub

Photo by Alessandro Alimonti

Located on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, this shop has no competition in the area, as the one other bagel store that was there is now a barbershop.

Order on the app if you can, because the line often goes out the door during the morning rush and on Saturdays.

Popular bagel types include whole wheat everything, egg, and cinnamon raisin, not to be outdone by the wide variety of toppings.


2. The Bagel Store

Photo by Caitlyn Wilson

Whatever the name lacks in creativity, it makes up for with its bagel selection, and it was among the first, if not the first, to offer rainbow bagels.

Are they fruity? Honestly, it tastes just like a plain bagel, but the appeal is in the presentation.

You can jazz them up with rainbow-fetti cake cream, and if that isn’t sweet enough, you can add actual cotton candy to it.

If that sounds too over the top, they have all the regular bagel types, along with French toast, croissants, and breakfast burritos.

There’s an impressive line of cream cheese varieties like Buffalo Bacon and Cheddar, Maple Bacon, Oreo, and more.




3. Bo's Bagels

Photo by Erwin Quintana

The founders decided to open Bo’s Bagels in Harlem, due to lack of bagel presence at the time. They spent years making bagels from scratch at home, and the rest is history.

If you’re not one for cream cheese and other spreads, load up your bagel with honey turkey, buffalo chicken, corned beef or house made pastrami.



4. Ess- A- Bagel

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy

Somebody described this midtown shop as “stubborn” in its refusal to modernize its decor. But it’s quite popular, so it’s safe to assume most people don’t care about that.

This bagel shop opened its doors in 1976 and has stayed within one Austrian family ever since.

Aside from the standard sized bagels, you can purchase mini bagels individually or by the dozen.

Trying to be health conscious? There are large salads and side salads that might be of interest.


5. Empire Bagels

Photo by Trang Doan

Empire Bagels in The Boogie Down (The Bronx) has bagels at affordable prices.

The cream cheese is made fresh daily, and there are vegan variations available.

Not really feeling bagels today? There’s a list of breakfast sandwiches and omelettes, as well as pancakes and French toast.

Empire Bagels is a decent spot for lunch as well, with about 30 different sandwiches.





6. Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

Photo by Lucie Liz

There are two Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company locations in Lower Manhattan and three in Queens, but curiously, none in Brooklyn at this time.

According to their mission statement, “we are committed to providing your taste buds with a euphoric experience. Every crunchy bite of our old-fashioned bagels lead you through a delicious journey into the chewy center.”

If you’re concerned about what specifically goes into the bagels, this shop “uses unbleached flour, which eliminates toxins from your diet.”

Who knows whether that’s true, but you probably won’t be too concerned when your bagel is smothered in smoked whitefish spread or topped with fresh smoked salmon. Pair that with some coffee? Divine.

Check out the special cream cheeses and spreads like Jalapeño Asiago, Pimento Olive and Honey Bacon Sriracha.




7. Forest Hills Bagel

Photo by Jaymantri

Heading to Queens? Forest Hills Bagel has almost a 5-star rating on Google, and touts itself as the best place not only for bagels in Forest Hills, but for breakfast in general.

There’s a great selection of lunch items here, too. You can ask for tuna, ham, turkey or chicken on your bagel, or get a wrap, panini or sandwich.

There are also mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken tenders, salads and soups.



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