Inside The New Wine Brand Aiming To Unite Our Culture Globally
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ebony Wine and Spirits

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ebony Wine and Spirits

Inside The New Wine Brand Aiming To Unite Our Culture Globally

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 4, 2020

Charlotte native Camillya Masunda, is the true definition of a go-getter. The HBCU grad, turned serial entrepreneur, owns several businesses that celebrate our culture.

She is the owner of an Afro-centered child development center in Charlotte, that she describes as a “mini-HBCU.” She also co-owns Spa Divas Kids Spa with her now 17-year old daughter. The mommy-daughter duo has even authored several books together.

But, Masunda isn’t done. She recently unveiled her latest endeavor, Ebony Wine and Spirits by Camellias Organics.

“I have a passion for building up Black economics, and building up others to build a life that we all want our children to inherit,” Camillya Masunda told Travel Noire. “As a woman with Congolese roots, I have always been taught to go after anything I want in life. But no matter what, I am a mom first.”

Courtesy of Ebony Wine and Spirits

Ebony Wine and Spirits is a family affair. Masunda has enlisted the help of her entire family, to make the brand even better. As a wine enthusiast herself, she wanted to enter the industry because she found that the number of Black women owners was still significantly low.

“Discovering the numbers on the amount of Black women in wine, was astonishing. I really wanted to produce something that also educated our people in the process.”

Through her research, and while building her company, she found that the word ‘ebony’ constantly stood out. She found it to be a celebration of melanin while also celebrating and uniting our different cultural backgrounds, all around the world.

“Being Congolese, I understand how vast we are as a people,” she said. “I wanted this wine to be a celebration of all the things we embody. Not only will you enjoy the taste, but will also feel what it represents.”

Courtesy of Ebony Wine and Spirits

Ebony Wines currently offers 3 flavor profiles: Riesling, Moscato, and a Red Fusion— with more on the way. You can find the brand online and it ships internationally. For those in the Southeast, it is currently offered in a few small speciality shops and restaurants in Charlotte and Atlanta.

For now, Masunda wants to keep the wine in smaller places, before putting it on the shelves of big box brands.

“This wine is amazing, but the meaning behind it is even better. I never do anything without a purpose. I’m grateful to the other Black wine brands before me, they inspired me to create my own mark, too.”

To learn more about Ebony Wine and Spirits, or to purchase your bottles, visit: You can also follow on Instagram at: @ebonywineandspirits.

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