New To Solo Travel? Keep These Tips In Mind Before Your Trip
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

New To Solo Travel? Keep These Tips In Mind Before Your Trip

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 3, 2018

From social media feeds to countless blogs, shows and books, it seems like everyone is on the #travelgoals wave. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get your crew on the same page when it comes to traveling, and many people often sit on the sidelines because they don’t have anyone to travel with and are afraid to take the plunge into solo travel. If you wait until others are ready to see the world, you could be waiting forever, which is why it’s important for every aspiring traveler to get comfortable with the idea of solo travel. If you’re ready to take the solo travel plunge but don’t know where to start, keep these tips in mind before your first solo adventure. 


Do Your Research: This is key. For your first solo trip, you want to pick a location that is safe, especially for female travelers. From my own research, I have found that most Southeast Asian countries are best for the solo traveler. Read blogs, check Instagram hashtags, and read news articles to really figure out which destination is best for you and what the destination has to offer.


Set A Budget: One of the downsides of solo travel is that all expenses fall on you. You won’t have anyone to split things with and this can become an issue. When I say budget, I mean figure out what you are willing to spend per night on accommodations, factor in food costs, think about any tours or excursions you may want to do (and if they charge an upcharge for single travelers), and add in a little extra for any miscellaneous things like transportation and emergencies. Having a budget set in advance will give you some peace of mind during your trip.


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Keep You Itinerary Light: Keep your schedule flexible because plans will always change once you get to your destination, though it’s smart to have a rough idea of the things you plan to do during your trip. This is important because you can begin to map out how to get from place to place. Nothing will ever be perfectly planned, but it helps to have an idea of what you want to experience. 


Invest In A Backpack: Investing in a backpack or some type of secure bag to hold your things is essential As you are out and about, you want to make sure you have your essentials with you at all times, including your wallet, phone, charger, selfie stick, camera and anything else you may need. Having a backpack allows you to free up your hands while exploring.


Don’t Be Afraid: Sure, traveling alone can be scary. There is a certain sense of security in having familiar faces around you as you take on new destinations. However, solo travel can be one of the most freeing and rewarding experiences you will ever have. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to look back and know that you conquered a fear and lived to tell about it! In the words of whoever said it, “ain’t nothing to it but to do it!”

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