Of The 25 Most Neighborly Cities In America In 2021, These Are The Top 5
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Of The 25 Most Neighborly Cities In America In 2021, These Are The Top 5

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Travel Noire Oct 1, 2021

A recent survey conducted by Neighbor.com revealed the 25 most neighborly cities in America in 2021. And you might be surprised which cities made the list.

When most people think of “neighborly cities in America,” they often think of small-town, Middle America-type towns. But Boston (No. 7 on the list) and Pittsburgh (No. 9 on the list) certainly don’t qualify as small towns. In fact, they’re amongst the biggest cities in the United States. The same, of course, goes for Baltimore (No. 24) and San Francisco (No. 25).

Of the top 25 most neighborly cities in America, more than half of them are major cities.

Salt Lake City, UT, came in at No. 16, while San Jose, CA, came in at No. 12. Indianapolis, IN, and Colorado Springs, CO, are at No. 20 and 21, respectively, on the list. Even Washington, D.C. — the nation’s capital — just missed the top 5 list, coming in at No. 6.

And according to Neighbor.com, they had certain criteria for the neighbors to meet in order to be considered for the list.

“This year, the data is a little different. We still looked at important factors like charitable giving and volunteering, but we also scoured the internet for new factors to consider, including which cities are the happiest. We also surveyed people across the nation and learned what it means to be a good neighbor,” they wrote.

So, which cities made the top 5? Take a look.

5. Des Moines, Iowa

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According to the report, Des Moines, IA, narrowly beat out D.C. because of the prevalence of non-profits in the city.

“It also comes in at #11 for volunteering, and #16 for happiness, making Des Moines an extremely neighborly place overall,” said the report.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

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In 2020, Minneapolis was at No. 6. This year, it jumped two spots to No. 4. Most people who lived in Minneapolis were thrilled with the overall quality of live in the Midwest city.

3. Portland, Oregon


Many a joke has been cracked about the hipster haven that is Portland, OR, but the reality is, it’s one of the happiest cities in America.

Courtesy of: Ruvim Miksanskiy

Happy people make for happy neighbors, so it’s no wonder it’s at No. 3 on the list.

2. Rochester, NY

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Last year, Rochester was barely in the top 10. This year, it almost took the top spot, coming in at No. 2 on the Neighbor.com list. According to the report, it also ranks fourth in the nation for neighborly acts, and fifth in the nation for volunteering.

1. Madison, Wisconsin

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“In Madison, many people spend free time volunteering, and many reports doing kind acts for their neighbors — two things we think make a community more neighborly. Madison also has a low rate of crime, making it a safe, happy city with a palpable community bond,” read the report.

Congratulations to Madison, the most neighborly city in America in 2021.

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