Everything You Need To Know About Travel And Travel Health Insurance
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Everything You Need To Know About Travel And Travel Health Insurance

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Mar 5, 2021

Car, home, and health insurance are things Americans know all too well. However, travel and travel health insurance, not so much.

Some destinations are now requiring both to be purchased before arrival. As the global pandemic roll into its second year, travel insurance might be a traveler’s best way to ensure they are covered in every way.

Travel Insurance

While many hotels and airlines are accommodating any last-minute changes or cancellations, it is best to have travel insurance on hand.

Travel insurance covers every part of your trip from flights, cruises and train tickets, to car rentals, hotel bookings and more. The insurance will cover any last-minute cancellations made, for any reason at all.

Many are including trip cancellation insurance in their bookings to ensure a full refund in case of coronavirus hotel outbreak, or newly appointed country restrictions.

Travel Health Insurance

With the list growing everyday destinations like Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Aruba are now mandating travel health insurance coverage as a requirement for entry.

Having to go to a hospital or clinic while on vacation, can be daunting. There’s the possibility of paying out-of-pocket for any services, which was most likely not accounted for in your budget.

Before your next international trip, especially now, it is advised that travelers sign up for travel health insurance.

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