Need Advice On How To Travel? This Frequent Flier Knows What To Do
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Need Advice On How To Travel? This Frequent Flier Knows What To Do

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 22, 2019

Traveling can be a challenging experience for someone that has never done it before. If you aren’t a frequent flier, there can be a lot to understand.

One Twitter user decided to put his expertise to work and created a thread of things new travelers need to know. From what to pack and how to handle yourself on a plane, @KhanStopMe had some really useful things to say. 

First, he recommends that travelers never check their bags. Even if you’re just going somewhere for a weekend getaway, pack for at least ten days. When you travel internationally, jetlag is going to hit you hard. Prepare for it on the second day of your trip. He says that melatonin helps a lot.

Speaking of international travel, getting through customs can be a hassle. Make sure you have all your belongings when you get off the plane and jet over to passport control. The lines can be long. Remember, you’re not the only one traveling.

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He also says to make sure you keep your passport handy. Passports are small so put those pockets to use. Putting them in your suitcase can hold up the process.

The avid traveler advises you to keep your health in check while traveling. Doing little things like stretching before boarding your flight can prevent bad blood circulation from the intense cabin pressure. Be sure to keep your lips moisturized since the cabin air is dry. If you’re flying to meet your special friend, nothing can ruin a welcome kiss more than dry lips.

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TN has reported on numerous ways to keep away from germs on a plane. From the trays to the blankets, germs linger everywhere. @KhanStopMe recommends carrying anti-bacterial wipes at all times. As far as food, he gives a “thumbs up” to M&Ms and Skittles but asks that you get your orange juice while you’re in the terminal. Orange juice can give you the energy you need and the stuff airlines gives you is “sugar water.”

He notes common sense practices like taking off your belts, jewelry, and shoes when going through security and keeping electronic devices in a bookbag. Try to get your hands on some noise canceling headphones and invest in an eye mask instead of neck pillows.

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