Mya Finally Reveals Details Of Her Seychelles Wedding
Photo Credit: Instagram @myaplanet9

Photo Credit: Instagram @myaplanet9

Mya Finally Reveals Details Of Her Seychelles Wedding

Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Feb 15, 2020

R&B singer had the internet buzzing with confusion when images of her in a wedding dress appeared online. The images, which were first acquired by TMZ, were said to have been from the singer’s secret beach wedding in East Africa — Seychelles, to be exact.

Now, after days of mystery, Mya has officially revealed details surrounding her Seychelles getaway.

On Valentine’s Day, Mya posted a photo of her in a wedding dress on Instagram. She captioned the photo, “Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day. 🙏🏾💙 ~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky. Wedding day link in bio.”

Fans who followed the link in Mya’s bio found a new music video for “The Truth,” a song featured on Mya’s “Love Elevation Suite” album, initially released on February 14, 2015.

The song, which was a fan favorite in 2015, never got an official video. So, as a gift to fans, Mya finally gave them what they wanted.

The Josh Sikkema-directed video features Mya preparing for her wedding with picturesque views of the East African coast complimenting the visuals. Mya dawns both white and black wedding dresses, symbolizing falling in love and marrying herself. “Because self love is the first love that brings the best love,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

As far as the mysterious “Mrs. Lansky” moniker that Mya referred to on her social media post, fans believe that Mya is referring to the fusion of land and sky, which is very apparent in the visuals for the lovely destination wedding portrayed in her “The Truth” music video.

So, for now, it appears Mya is not married just yet, but she did offer up some great views of Seychelles that we can appreciate.

Check out the video for “The Truth” below.

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