Must-Visit Attractions In Mumbai, India
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Must-Visit Attractions In Mumbai, India

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Travel Noire Feb 9, 2019

The extraordinary city of Mumbai is home to a number of historic sites, busy markets, and colorful culture, There are many tourists attractions to visit in Mumbai that will help make your trip memorable. These are the must-see attractions in Mumbai.

Haji Ali Dargah

The Haji Ali Dargah dates to 1431 and is one of the most iconic structures in Mumbai. The Haji Ali Dargah was built in memory of Sayyed Peer Jaji Ali Shah Bukhari, a wealthy Muslim merchant. Located off the coast of Worli, the white Mughal building connects to the mainland via a narrow pathway that only appears during low tide.

Stunningly beautiful, Haji Ali Dargah occupies an area of a marble courtyard that contains the central shrine. The tomb within is covered by a brocaded red and green tomb cover and supported by an exquisite silver frame that is supported by marble pillars.

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is one of the first places you’ll want to see in the beautiful city of Mumbai. This is the city’s most important monument  The reason the Gateway of India is reminiscent of European architecture is that it was built during British India as a commemoration of the country’s visit by King Gorge V and Queen Mary.

You likely want to visit the Gateway of India both in the day and at night when it is lit. This is also where you pick up your ferry for excursions to other nearby attractions. There is not a time when the Gateway isn’t crowded so ensure you plan extra time to deal with the crowds.

Colaba Causeway Market

No vacation is complete without a shopping trip. Colaba causeway market is one of the best places to shop while visiting Mumbai.  It is located in Maharashtra, southern Mumbai. You can find all types of new outfits and accessories at this market. You will also find authentic cultural items such as an original Rajasthani Silk Paintings and the prices are usually very competitive prices. This is also a good place to shop for souvenirs. You’ll find vendors selling bracelets, clothing, and hats. but be warned, this market can get crowded.

Versova Beach

Versova Beach is popular with locals and tourists. Although it once had a reputation for being polluted, today it is stunningly beautiful.  Versova Beach is located in Suburbs of Anderi and shouldn’t be too difficult to reach. You’ll find a number of beach activities as well as glorious sunrises and sunsets. Whether you enjoy walks on the beach, water activities, or just admiring the view, this is one sight you won’t want to miss.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda

When visiting Mumbai, you don’t want to forget to add Vipassana Pagoda on your list of places to see. This is a meditation hall with impressive spire and coverings. This is a must-see, even if you are not into meditation. There is a pagoda dome with Buddha relics, as well as study rooms. You will also find a library and a museum dedicated to the life of Buddha.

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