Must-Visit Attractions In Kyoto, Japan
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Must-Visit Attractions In Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto , Japan
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Travel Noire Feb 11, 2019

When it comes to tourist destinations, Kyoto is one of the most popular places to visit in the Kansai region. With centuries of history as the former capital, as well as being one of the top religious destinations in Japan, Kyoto has several cultural sites. With so many attractions, you’ll have plenty to see during your stay.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

At the shrine’s gates, you’ll come across 10,000 vermilions, Fushimi Inari is one of the top tourist sites in Kyoto. As you approach the entrance, you’ll see two stone lanterns topped with an ornament known as giboshi. It is customary to make a wish and then lift the giboshi. If it is light, then your wish will likely come true. If it is heavy, you will have bad luck.

Kyoto National Museum

The Kyoto National Museum is one of the best museums in Kyoto. Not only do they have a permanent collection but they host some fantastic exhibits as well. Many of the most famous Japanese artists have exhibits at this museum. Japan is a national full of art lovers and this is apparently in the Kyoto National Museum.

Minamiza Kabuki Theater

Minamiza Kabuki Theater is housed in a grand building that is truly beautiful. When you visit this city, you’ll want to visit the theater and catch a performance. Although you can get an audio translation, just watching a show is a great way to pass some time. You won’t regret it.


Located at the top of a mountain known as Hiei-zan, Enryaku-Ji is a complex of temples and forests that takes you away from the chaos of the city. When you visit these temples, you can enjoy the peaceful forest and temples, along with Japanese history. You will also have a great view of Lake Biwa.

Although this was once a large complex, now only three pagodas and 120 minor temples remain. The complex is divided into three sections with the flames on the three dharma lamps in front of the altar. These have remained lit for more than 1200 years. The Great Lecture Hall exhibits statues of the founders of various Buddhist schools. The best way to reach the temples is via a bus from Sanjō Keihan or Kyoto stations. There is a canteen for visitors.


Located on the east bank of the Kamo-gawa is the Gion a famous entertainment and geisha district. Although Gion’s began as teahouses that served visitors to the nearby shrine Yasaka-jinja. This changed in the mid-18th century to be a pleasure district. Now this area is great for just enjoying the streets lined with 17th-century traditional restaurants and teahouses illuminated with lanterns.

The southern section of Hanami-kōji consists of restaurants and teahouses that are exclusive establishments for geishas.


Kyoto’s most notable visual destination is Eikan-dō. This temple is a short walk from the famous Path of Philosophy., The gardens and art are magnificent. In the Amida-dō hall, you’ll find a famous statue of Mikaeri Amida Buddha.

At the north end of the curving walkway, there is a set of steep steps. At the top of the steps, you’ll have a great view of the city.


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