Must-Visit Attractions In Accra, Ghana
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Must-Visit Attractions In Accra, Ghana

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Travel Noire Feb 12, 2019

Accra is one of the most interesting cities in Ghana. Their culture is captivating and their history one of the most interesting in the region. No matter what your taste, you are sure to find something fascinating to see in Accra.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Aburi Botanical Gardens occupies an area of 64.8 hectares. These beautiful gardens are on land that was once a sanatorium. Located less than an hour drive from Accra, this cool mountainous retreat makes it a destination for people who want to escape the buzz of Accra for a short time.

Jamestown Lighthouse

This colonial lighthouse was built in the 1930s. Located near James Fort and a fishing village, this is a great historic district to visit but it is in a depressed area so it is best to go with a tour guide.

Osu Castle

Osu Castle was built by the Danes about 1659 and was originally known as Christiansborg Castle, This was the presidential palace and the seat of government until 2013. Although you can view the castle from outside, they still do not allow photographing of the structure. In spite of this, it is worth a visit if for no other reason than the historical value of the building.

Independence Square

Independence Square is also referred to as Black Star Square. The square is dominated by an enormous arch but beneath this is the Eternal Flame of African Liberation that was lit by Kwame Nkrumah. This is empty most of the year, except for special commemorations. Across the street stands Independence Arch.

Accra Central Mosque

Hundreds of people visit Accra Central Mosque every day, either to worship or to view its detailed architecture. Although the mosque does get crowded, the building is large enough to give it an airy feeling. This beautiful building is truly a sight to see.

National Theatre of Ghana

The National Theatre opened in 1992 and located in Accra, Ghana. This was built by the Chinese and given as a gift to Ghana. Located near the junction of the Independence Avenue and Liberia Road it is a local notable landmark that resembles a large bird. They offer live shows at various times.

Academy for African Music and Arts

At the Academy for African Music and Arts, you can learn African dances and find authentic handcrafted souvenirs. There are also dance workshops on a beach among coconut palm trees. On weekends they promote a dance event for visitors.

Labadi Pleasure Beach

Labadi Pleasure Beach is one of the best beaches in Accra with lots of palm trees and lounge chairs. The water is shallow near the shore so you can go for a swim without too much worry. If you get hungry there are more than plenty of cafes and food booths nearby, as well as shopping. A visit to Pleasure Beach is a nice way to spend the day.

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