Must-Have Photography Apps
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Must-Have Photography Apps

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Feb 6, 2014

As a photographer, I absolutely love traveling, if for nothing more than the photos I come home with. Then once my plane returns home, I feel the burden of sorting through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of photos. This is where I favor mobile photography. Smartphones come equipped with 8 megapixels (which is pretty amazing for a non-DSLR). If it weren’t for my iPhone, my photo blogging process could take hoursweeks, and sadly enough, months.

Once Instagram happened, the market FLOODED with amazing editing tools right at your fingerprints. Although I like Instagram, I rarely use the filters on my travel photos, but I have found some amazing alternatives. I’ve included apps that edit color-like film with muted colors and fine grain and those that have a cleaner, DSLR style. The color even looks amazing when printed through a photo lab (how weird is it that, that we can print great images from our phones?)

Here are my top 5 photography apps to use while on road that don’t compromise quality.



  • VSCO is an app developed from one of the best color editing programs around – Visual Supply Co. I absolutely love this company for my published works but now it’s mobile, and no Photoshop is required! It comes with a default set of color techniques but just visit the mobile store, which is conveniently located in the app, and you have constant new color effects to buy. Nothing cheesy here, this is truly mobile photography.



  • Over is a text to photo app, not just plain Tahoma font but beautiful and artistic fonts. Ones that will truly fit the mood of your image without ruining the photo itself. It’s the artsy side of fonts!



  • Fragment is an app for the photographer who wants their images to stand out for more than scenery. This app allows you to create geometric shapes within your image and the result can be absolutely funky and print worthy! Your sunset pics in Maui will never look the same once the ocean is kissing the sky!


Faded App

  • Faded is similar to VSCO but it sticks with the muted color filter. Created by Vintage Noir, this app offers 34 free film inspired filters and 36 more for purchase. Great app if you want your blue skies to remind you of dusk as if evening was approaching!



  • Snapseed is great for basic editing techniques such as cropping, fixing the details such as saturation and exposure. A great tool to have in your phone to help you with the fundamentals of a great photo.

Do you have any note-worthy photography apps?

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