The Museum Of African American Art Invites You To Travel To Senegal For 8 Days
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Museum Of African American Art Invites You To Travel To Senegal For 8 Days

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 2, 2020

The Museum of African American Art (MAAA) will be taking its first trip to Dakar, Senegal to fully immerse in the culture and art of the city.

The trip, Essential Senegal, will be an eight-day experience to learn about the country as well as visiting the recently opened Museum of Black Civilisation

While on the trip, you can expect traveling with a tour guide to several museums, the Grand Mosque of Dakar and the African Renaissance Monument. You’ll be able to visit the historical location where slaves boarded the ships that would transport them to the U.S. 

The trip fee is $3,700 but will include roundtrip air travel, ground transportation, all meals and tips, accommodations at hotels around the country, and entrance fees to museums and other activities. 

Elizabeth “Betty” Johnson of MAAA tells Los Angeles Sentinel, “We’re calling it [Essential Senegal] a cultural experience. What we want to do is to take these groups of people, to this museum and highlight it, and get some buzz around it since we [too] are a museum.”

The museum’s purpose for the trip is to connect the U.S. to Senegal and build a bond between the two museums. 

Robin Billups of the MAAA says, “We’re all trying to connect to who we are. I think just being in the environment, being in the Motherland, no matter what country it is. No matter what city, no matter where you land, the idea that you’re in the Motherland.”

Billups goes on to say, “We are the surviving race. So the idea that you have an opportunity to go to the Motherland, to reconnect, and come back home and everybody who takes these trips, they always say, you come back different. These are the opportunities for us to learn with each other, and then to bring that back to share with the community.”

The trip will consist of a lot of walking and is ideal for millennials and Generation Z. 

Adrienne Foster of the MAAA says, “It’s a unique opportunity to be one of the first into an internationally known museum that just opened to see. It’s a very troubled period in the States; to go back and touch different points of exit from where we came from, to know what we’ve been through. I think that really it’s an eye-opening experience.”

The trip will take place from May 16 – 25, 2020. 

If you’re interested in going on the Essential Senegal trip, you must pay by March 7th, 2020. 

Visit the Museum of African American Art website to find out more. 

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