The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Traveling Moms
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The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Traveling Moms

Rachel George
Rachel George May 10, 2019

This weekend is Mother’s Day and it’s time to show your mom just how much you adore her. For moms that love to travel, searching for the perfect gift may prove difficult. Not only have they journeyed through every inch of the globe but they’re hardly home enough to make use of that fancy coffee maker you’ve been eyeing since last year. What do you give the woman that has everything?

Here are 9 gifts to give to your traveling mom on Mother’s Day.

1.Passport Cover

Jazz up your mom’s purse with a personalized passport cover. I purchased this passport cover two months ago for my aunt and it was the perfect way to get her excited for her summer trip to the Dominican Republic. For $15 I was able to add my aunt’s name to the cover but Amazon also has other customizable settings including the ability to add pictures to the cover.

2. A New Carry-On Bag

Nothing says fabulous like strolling through the airport in a stylish carry-on bag. Away’s Bigger Carry On is still the perfect TSA-approved carry-on. It comes in 10 colors, a laundry bag, and an ejectable battery that charges your phone.

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3. Packing Cubes

Encourage mom to join the Beyhive with this 8-piece lemon covered cube packing set. During my recent trip to China, a friend recommended I try packing cubes to save space in my suitcase in case I purchased some items while there. The packing cubes were very effective at keeping me organized. I packed certain outfits into each one so that I could find my clothes quickly. That way I didn’t have to go through my entire bag because the outfit I really want to wear was packed at the bottom.


4. Neck Pillow

A cramp in your neck while asleep on your flight can ruin the start to a beautiful vacation. The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck pillow is comfortably designed with orthopedic raised lobe contouring on either side that allows your neck and head to lean against the memory foam cushion. It comes as a travel kit with a velour cover, a sleep mask to kill the lights and earplugs to drown out the noise for $24.95.

Here’s a tip: Amazon does free shipping on items over $25, so you might want to get yourself something. 

5. A Traveling Book For Inspiration

Black Girl in Paris by Author Shay Youngblood follows a young woman’s inspirational journey of healing and living free to the south, treading the heels of African American greats such as James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Josephine Baker. It’s a great read for moms on the go.

6. New Sneakers

Smarter Travel mentioned Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers as one of the most comfortable travel shoes of the year. Great for every day wear on vacation and easy to slip off during long flights. They’re white so they’ll go with every look.

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7. Travel Charms

This might be the year to add a charm to your mom’s Pandora bracelet. Their travel charms act as a reminder of the memories you shared on vacation. Some of the popular charms include locations, a globe, passport book, famous landmarks, flags and more.

8. Portable Charger

If your mom is like mine, she uses her phone for practically everything while on vacation. She takes tons of pictures, posts them on Facebook and then she stops to call all of our family members to tell them where she is. Before she knows it, her phone is on 5% and it’s only 1 pm. Get the Anker power bank, recommended by CNN, and help mom stay connected and safe.

9. A Mom Shirt

As cliche as it is, most moms still appreciate simple gifts like a shirt that says, “Mom Life.” My mom gets a different type every few years from my nephews and she loves each one more than the last.

Let these last minute gift ideas inspire you on Mother’s Day. Let us know what you’ll be getting the traveling mom in your life!

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