Montserrat Is The Latest Country To Launch Remote Work Program
Photo Credit: Woodlands beach, Montserrat, Caribbean.

Photo Credit: Woodlands beach, Montserrat, Caribbean.

Montserrat Is The Latest Country To Launch Remote Work Program

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Feb 2, 2021

Montserrat is the latest country to offer a remote work visa option to non-nationals.

The 12-month Remote Worker Program offers new opportunities for anyone who can show proof of location-independent employment, has a contract for work with a foreign employer, has a partnership with a business in a foreign country, or offers freelance or consulting services to clients permanently based in a foreign country.

The government of Montserrat has been working since last September on the details of the program to ensure a smooth, hassle-free application process. Fees are $500 for individuals and $750 for individuals accompanied by a maximum of 3 family members. Applicants for the program will not be liable to pay Montserrat income tax. The visa expires after one year, but holders are eligible to reapply.

Montserrat’s population comes in at just over 4000 inhabitants. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the island has recorded only 13 COVID-19 cases and one death. Their rigorous protocols remain in place.

The mountainous island is known for its Soufrière Hills volcano that erupted in the 1990s and damaged most of the southern region. The north escaped unscathed.

More information on the Montserrat Remote Worker Program and detailed requirements can be found on their website.

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